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#1 05-09-2013 
Ok, so after many years of making custom content because I could I have started playing the sims2.

I made a hood - I called it Leetown and added some families:

I used the Gavigans from the sim bin and have a couple of families of my own - the Matcoms and the Deeples. I started the game with Genevieve and Jeremy Matcom (originally my main family) as a married couple, living in Leetown Apartments (a converted factory block). The Deeples - were not created as a family - I made Arno Deeple and plonked him in a nearly empty house in town, he was created as the love interest for what was my secondary sim, Lois Bugglit.

Somehow, Arno stole my heart. He was such a good sim, he never complained and when he came home made his dinner and then went and danced to the radio in his sitting room. Bless him. Of course I married him to Lois (3 bolts) and moved him into her much nicer house. They have two sons, Booth and Robin. Booth is a teenager and Robin is a baby Big Grin The Deeples are my main family now.

So, the Matcoms - they had two children and Jeremy was my sim I kept running failing businesses with. After a mistake with ACR Genevieve got pregnent twice in 3 days and they were in a tiny apartment with 2 kids - Julia and Geraldine (aka that kid with the REALLY big chin) - and no money because all Jeremy's businesses were costing money instead of making money....

They were lucky - a Mystery Benefactor called Uncle Fish gave them enough money to move into a nice house with rooms for the children - on the condition that Jeremy got a job. Poor guy is a no skills slob, so they don't make much money (finally made it to science teacher) and he is so tired after work that Genevieve's wish for 6 children will never come true. So Genevieve (or ACR) took matters into her own hands and got very friendly with a weird walkby called Ryan Wheeler. No, she did not get pregnant but Jeremy found out Sad

Anyhoo, Jeremy was down at the Leetown Vocation Centre brushing up on skills and who does he see but Ryan? A fight ensues. Arg. Turns out Ryan knows the school director and gets Jeremy demoted from his job. Thanks Ryan. Julia has moved out to Uni and Geraldine (and her chin) is busy learning to cook to help fulfill her lifetime want of celebrity chef.

Over at the Gavigan house, there are three kids, Isaiah, Ivor and Irene and Nathan and Mary, the parents. Again, Nathan is kinda failing at getting the skills he needs for his job and with three kids to look after it can be hard to make it through the week with all the demands for MP3 players and what have you. Luckily, they have the freehold on the Town grocery and so once all the kids and hubby have been packed off to school and work Mary goes and opens the grocery. It does quite well, not a lot of money, but in profit.

Isaiah has gone to uni and has been inducted to the Secret Society and can now use the super subtle secret handshake (I kid. Have you SEEN that handshake?). Julia is his girlfriend and they were teen sweethearts but I am unsure if they will get married. I will let them both look about a bit first.

That's all for now.
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#2 05-09-2013 
Apart from doing Loaf's building contest I have been playing Coral Bay my new integrated hood. The vicar and his wife celebrated the toddler birthday of their first child Abram. They are struggling to try and save enough to buy the church and currently they, plus their cat and bird live in my blue and orange council house, which is pretty small. The cat is constantly 'watching' the bird who creates non stop. Since both the vicar (whose name I forgot because I do that) and his wife Brandi (Not many townies in this hood most are kept away with the visitor controller but he met her at a community lot) had the same day off work the day after Abram's birthday so they all went to the small park. Some townie called Gordan who looks a lot like Goopy stalked them while they had a date, stalked the townie kid Chandler and stared at their son Abram. We're keeping an eye on him ourselves as this is so far a very pleasant place to live and we don't want the likes of him hanging around playgrounds looking like a pervert. They have about five thousand saved towards a bigger home, but since Brandi wants another baby they may have to take out a loan.

#3 08-09-2013 
So back in Leetown, Booth grew up and went to Uni. He moved in with Nathan Gavigan (in a dorm) as Booth has one outgoing point and his dad did not want him to be a dormrat with no friends. Some other sim was thrown out of hiis room and Booth got the room. Once he had the allocated room he did a bit of reorganising of the furniture and then went out to the campus with Nathan. They had a fun time and then went home.

Which is where all the troubles began. There appeared to be some kind of ominous curse over Booth's room. He could not enter his room or sleep on his bed....needs were dangerously low. Sad This is BOOTH. Arno's son. The Mystery Benefactor suddenly erased all his troubles, and all was in the green, but still no use of bed. Booth resolved to leave this cursed dorm.

But how? The answer of course was to join the Greek House; so he whipped out his mobile phone and called the Greek House. There were two options: something Delta and something Tri Var. Booth did not care - he had to escape the curse so he called the Tri Var house. Three girls in togas turned up.

Nothing daunted, Booth overcame his shyness and chatted to the girls in turn, plying them with fruit punch and ending with a drunken game of kicky bag. Um. Anyway, the girls liked him, and let him join the Greek House. They went home, leaving Booth with his cursed room and no place to get any sleep. So he called and asked if he could move in. The girls were fine with that. The Mystery Benefactor boggled a bit, but the curse had to be escaped.

So, by the end of his second day at Uni the shyest sim in the hood is now the only man in a sorority. Only in Leetown.

#4 08-09-2013 
LOL! That's hilarious!

#5 08-09-2013 
Lol, he joined the girls sorority house. ^_^ Although I wonder what was wrong with his dorm room...?

#6 08-09-2013 
Lol story!

#7 08-09-2013 
Gah, in related news, Isaiah Gavigan ended up on Academic Probation. Because of the "Booth Affair" he did not get his required logic point to get him over the bar for the College Term Paper he had influenced Tommy to do to actually make any difference. So no grant money this semester.

Luckily, Isaiah is a member of the Secret Society so a few Counterfeit Simoleons should tide him over.

Meanwhile, a quick pic of the Tri-Var Household.

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#8 09-09-2013 
He looks happy. Big Grin

#9 09-09-2013 
He does look happy, as only the only guy in a dorm full of girls can be. Big Grin

#10 09-09-2013 
LOL..i loved that Lee. I read it out loud to my oldest daughter who laughed.

What's going on with Booth is great.

I don't really feel bad for Isaiah Gavigan. I guess because he had someone else do his term paper..

The Matcoms..a true sims 2 soap opera.

jo, I hope things keep improving for the vicar and family. And yeah, I would keep an eye on the Goopy lookalike too.

Since getting my new computer graphics card to work right, setting up my game has been slow. But that's from different rl things, my other hobby (email roleplaying), and from just being so darn slow. I have been sorting, and cleaning, and deciding, started a couple hoods, dumped them..but anyways..influenced by Lee, because I had caught on a while ago that she named her hood Leetown, finally decided on the sc4s I would use and started naming them. I couldnt think of any names I liked using Dominie or Kim..so..I am borrowing from my family. I have a latin sub-hood I named Osito City, named after my granddaughter Holly's Teddy Bear named Osito (Means little bear in spanish). My fishing sub-neighborhood is going to be called Holly Cove. I have an expanded version of Pleasantview I named Tori Town (after youngest daughter Tori). And this weekend started filling them with lots. I have one sim so far..but..okay..going back in today to see if I can get more sims made. Smile


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