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#21 16-09-2013 
Two new articles today! One features concept art including the Grim Reaper that's been going around and the other is a cut and paste job on the Official Sims Magazine that's supposed to be available but isn't -- there's new information so you'll want to read it. We might also be getting the last Easter Egg today since they've been updating that on Monday -- if they do I'll edit in the link.

Monday September 16th

#22 16-09-2013 
nanashi, we could still get basements. They aren't finished with everything yet. Smile

#23 18-09-2013 
And the last embargo for the Sims Camp Attendees lifted today. This time it's for animations and multitasking masterclass and that's just about it as far as news goes. The animations seem more natural, there's a few neat things like sims will follow curved tiled paths/walk ways you lay down outside and being able do certain animations while sitting or standing.

Honestly, I think Sims 3 players might be a tad more impressed with the animations than Sims 2 players since we don't have quite as many issues with sims stopping and starting animations as they experience -- although I'm happy they've spent so much time on the animations assuming the result is good. Which no one really knows of course because we haven't seen any live gameplay.

Wednesday September 18th
  • A list of all of the Sims Camp Attendees and their articles is maintained by SimsVIP
  • Bullet point summary of the articles I read by me.

#24 18-09-2013 
Yeah, some things they mentioned - like sims passing each other on stairways, or the CAS "undo" button that they made a big deal about before - are already in Sims 2. They're really gearing all the news towards Sims 3 players. Which makes sense I guess, but it makes a Sims 2 player feel kinda left out.

The more versatile actions - being able to do stuff while sitting, standing, cooking, etc. - do sound good.

#25 18-09-2013 
Yea, I read things like "they can talk at meals" - they already do that. I am interested by the idea that actions can happen simultaneously - but I do fear it might be like with Nightlife and all the table options, or the sofa where they can lounge and watch tv. It would be neat to not have queue things though.

#26 19-09-2013 
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I'm all about the breeding and family lines, so if they show us something good related to that, I might actually get a little interested. But now, like you say, there's nothing to make you go "ooh!shiny!" for us TS2 simmers.

#27 19-09-2013 
We know Sims can inherit walk styles from one of the parents based on the child's traits so there's something there, at least! I imagine the handedness is going to be genetic as well.

As for the news of the day, there really isn't any but I did post a magazine article so I'm going to call that news even though there's nothing new about the article or the pictures.

Thursday September 19th
  • Edge October 2013 Issue, Maxis simulates more of what makes us human -- Tumblr

#28 19-09-2013 
Genetics. Big Grin

Though I hate those MatCom cheekbones, I least I know where they are from. Give us genetics in TS4 Big Grin

#29 19-09-2013 
I think they're going to, for sure. I mean it's all about the Sims this time, right?

#30 21-09-2013 
Ok, this is scrapping the bottom of the barrel news wise but it's all I have! There are a lot of new magazines but as far as I can tell (some French & German) they're just repeats of what we've already read and seen so I'm not considering them news. And if anyone here is interested in magazine articles that aren't in English let me know which languages. If I have something I'll upload them. They get very little response on my blog so I'm not going to be posting them there anymore unless they have new information or pictures -- or I have nothing else to post. Tongue

Saturday September 21st
  • Graham squashes the rumors from the Video Gamer article that Sims 4 will have an auction house. -- MTS
  • A blog on the Official Site that rehashes the CAS demo in a peppy Q&A, Being SimMichelangelo: Nick Corea On Create A Sim --
  • New concept art from Jeux Vidéo magazine. It's not much, just a jacket but it is new. -- my tumblr


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