Sims 4 News of the Day
#71 06-01-2014 
Doesn't the guide normally come out at the same time as the game? That would suggest that it's not Autumn, but Winter that Sims4 would come out... or the guide will come out 3 months after the game?

#72 06-01-2014 
December 31st is the last day of 2014 and is just a placeholder used by Amazon -- it'll be updated when a firm release date is established. And, Nanashi, I asked about the promo sims on Twitter but didn't get a reply so I don't know.

#73 06-01-2014 
Ahhh that makes sense! Thanks Honey. I thought 31 Dec was a strange date.

#74 06-01-2014 
No worries, thanks for asking! *keeping fingers crossed*

#75 07-01-2014 
Ok, tried again last night. We still don't know if they'll be in the game or not but at least they know we want them and agree that it would be nice to include them.

Quote:We always lamented during Sims 3 that we couldn't use the Sims from previews/marketing/videos... our pipeline for getting Sims in-game was pretty rough and just didn't support it. Part of the problem is that those Sims are typically made by our marketing and video teams and not the dev team. That process has been simplified in Sims 4, and while I don't know if those Sims will end up in-game or not, I personally think it'd be nice. They're personalities you get to know and relate to over time, it'd be fun to play with them as well! --Graham Nardone

ETA: Graham also spent part of his first day back at work looking at new box art and watching live broadcast videos. There's still no word on when the advertising campaign will pick back up again but it seems likely they're working on it.

#76 17-01-2014 
Brace yourselves... The Sims Facebook page just updated with this quote.

“Prepare yourselves. There’s a very special anniversary coming February 4th.”

If this isn’t a teaser for new Sims 4 news I think fans might riot…


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