Unending fish and vegetables cheat
#1 21-09-2013 
FOUND ON TUMBLR - thanks to Maranatah http://marasims.tumblr.com/post/61785864863

Quote:You can copy fish, veggies, and craftable objects in-game!!

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Buy a Maxis dining table from the buy catalog and put a fish or other object on top of it.

2. Put the table with the fish/object to sim’s inventory and switch from the inventory tab to another tab (for example, “Simology”) and then back to the inventory tab.

3. Take the table out of inventory, put the fish/whatever on the ground or back to the inventory without the table, and then put the empty table back to sim’s inventory. Switch back to another tab and return to the inventory and you’ll find the table there with a fish/object on top of it!

4. Repeat step 3 as many times as you want.

This way you can have more fish or whatever much faster, without going fishing, gardening or crafting objects for days. Smile

Whoa. This is I have to try.
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#2 21-09-2013 
You know I saw Jessa saying this in one of her let's plays just the other day, she was showing how after a sim writes a novel they can make more copies by using a table and their inventory. I still haven't tried it as I haven't had any novels, but wow craftables too? Very useful.
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#3 21-09-2013 
This is quite not-so-new-anymore (as in: this cheat has been around longer than I've been playing this game). But it IS true and it really works! The table doesn't need to be a maxis table, though. It can be any kind of object that can hold another object, including CC tables and desks, for example.

It's cheating, of course. So don't do it if - like me - you want to maintain a clean reputation Big Grin

#4 21-09-2013 
* leefish tries and fails to not look like a big fat cheaty cheater....

#5 21-09-2013 
* BoilingOil thinks that looks cute on our head Fishy mistress. Tongue

#6 21-09-2013 
Thank you, I will try Tongue

#7 21-09-2013 
I don't think it's cheating to make novels because normally your sim only gets one. Also the first I had head of it was last week.

#8 21-09-2013 
* leefish staggers past with crates of robots

#9 22-09-2013 
I never knew about this cheat! Thank you for letting me know. I am so going to use this for my sims novels. I totally agree with the creation of multiple novels not being cheaty because once my sim read her novel and then put it on the bookshelf she couldn't get it back to give as a gift and in the end I felt cheated by Maxis. I'm guessing you'd need to use OFB perhaps to fix this one novel only issue, but since my sim who writes does not run a bookstore, the only way I can foresee her sharing her novels is by using this cheat. Also I think it would be great to have copies of the same novel to give to friends and to pass down through generations. That is really good for storytelling!

#10 22-09-2013 
Actually, there IS a way to get the novel from the bookcase!

To get to it, you must choose from the menu the option to read it. And once you have it, you should not put it back. And while you're holding on to it, Others should still be able to get to the book case and pick it up too.

I'm amazed at the ease with which people find cheats for stuff that can be done just as well without cheating. Weird bunch Tongue


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