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These are actually really lovely doors - if you have them in decent colours. The 13 recolours also match the Walnut doors and the Colonial doors that were uploaded here.

There is also a default Clear Glass version (part of the making them really lovely is the Clear glass). Not entirely sure what EA/Maxis/Eaxis thought they were doing making all the glass tinted blue.

Default version at Sims2Artists

P.S. Thanks to Michelle and AmythestFenix for Wood Textures, and Shastakiss for Metal Textures.
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Do not upload to Paysites or TSR.

Apart from that, feel free to use, modify, mutilate, etc. Credit would be nice.

Build - Doors - Matte and Glass Screenshot          
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#2 27-09-2013
♥ Thanks Kiri, I agree, what's up with EA/Maxis and blue glass.

#3 27-09-2013
You wouldn't even know they were the same doors! Thanks for that. Smile

#4 29-09-2013
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These will be put to good use for sure, thanks for sharing!


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