Colouring a cloned subset with no texture???
#1 02-10-2013 
Does anyone know how to colour the pix arm drafting lamp 'inside' subset? I've cloned it for a table lamp, and the light is technically working, but the part that I want to shine (the inside subset) doesn't shine even though the light is on and it is driving me crazy. Has anyone cloned this lamp before? I cloned the ilustra table lamp and was able to properly light my lamp using the 'shade' subset, but I don't like the way it lights up as its a general table lamp and not a spotlight desk lamp (which is what my clone is). I tried to clone the other desk lamps, but they all seem to be repositoried to the pix arm drafting lamp, so I'm stuck.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

To be honest, just to make my life difficult, I would like to add a lit/unlit texture to the subset (like the ilustra lamp has) but is this even possible?
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#2 03-10-2013 
BTW no worries if you don't know the answer, but I would really appreciate it someone could reference a site or forum where creators can ask for help and troubleshooting. I usually go to MTS to read their tutorials, but unfortunately, I read on MTS that members can't post in the creator question section until they upload multiple files and GoS is down Sad Those are my main haunts besides Leefish, so I'm totally oblivious about the sims community! Any creator help site recommendations?

#3 03-10-2013 
The pix arm drafting lamp? I'll have a look and see what I can see.

#4 03-10-2013 
Lights ugh. I hate lights, so complicated.

RE not answering the question promptly, I sort of hoped another leefisher would be able to help. I think they are sleeping, but Kiri is here now and has made lights successfully.

Looking at the lamp, it seems that the colors are determined in the TXMT rather than a texture like some other lamps. I would suggest cloning the ilustra if that has the characteristics you need. Changing the mesh and shadows is much easier than adding a load of subsets.

#5 03-10-2013 
Is it possible to change the colour and expanse of the lighting in that case?

#6 03-10-2013 
If you clone the ilustra? I think so. If you are trying to make a lamp with a fabric texture and a "body" texture then clone a lamp that already has two subsets and a lit unlit txtr. I think the ilustra is the lamp you need to clone and when you do the bits in the GMDC ensure you keep the names.

The drop shadow for the light can be adjusted if need be, but I would start with getting the lit/unlit bits to work first. The light color will all depend on what light file you have referenced in the lighting file - if I recall correctly it is a text string in the cres and associated text string files.

#7 03-10-2013 
Thank you! I want to make more lamps now including the one you requested, and this will help. With this information, I should be able to finish my first lamp and upload it tomorrow. Thank you so much for your help and advice (and you too celebkiriedhel for offering to take a look for me!).

On a side note, do you think I should upload some files to MTS to access their creator's forums? They have amazing tutorials and a really large creator base. Also, I've always been under the impression that MTS has strict submission guidelines and rejects inexperienced artists submissions, is this true? I would be totally depressed if they rejected my submission x__x;;

#8 03-10-2013 

I think MTS are very strict on things like poly counts and so on, but you are a good creator and make lovely objects and deserve a bit more limelight Big Grin If you really are shy then you can ask me to give you some "moderator feedback" on a proposed upload - privately of course.

MTS is maybe no longer as magnificent as it was, but it is still darned good and there are a lot of creators there. It seems - to me - that the TS3 creation forums are busier than TS2, but the TS2 gameplay forums are all busier than TS3. Probably because TS3 hasn't got any gameplay Big Grin

I am baffled what you mean about the creator forums on MTS. I thought if you were a member you could post, is that not so?

#9 04-10-2013 
Nope, but I can post in any other forum. Also, when I created an account at MTS to try to upload it said I can only have one account, so I can't use it unless I give up my lurking account--which I've have used for years so I'd rather not since it keeps track of all the downloads I've thanked. Ah, well!

Haha, when it comes to limelight I think posting on a gorgeous site like leefish will suffice *^___^* This site is inspiring and really easy to post to!

#10 04-10-2013 
Why can't you use the 'lurking' account to upload with? I lurked on MTS for years and then started uploading.
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Sorry, that is a members only option