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Artemida made girls-only versions of a whole bunch of fakepeeps' baby outfits. (Well actually Saya94 made the first and Artemida did the rest.) Links to both Saya's and fakepeeps' original versions are in Artemida's post.

What does this mean? You can now have different baby outfits for boys and girls! Just get one of fakepeeps' original colours for the boys, and one of Artemida/Saya's colours for the girls and voilà - your baby boys and girls will have different outfits.

You can still only have one outfit for all the boys in your game and one outfit for all the girls in your game, of course.
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CREDIT and LINK if you use my stuff.

Mesh and texture edits (aka recolours) are welcome.

You may include my meshes with your recolours.

You may include my content with your own packaged Sims and Lots.

Please do not redistribute my original files in any other way.

Please do not redistribute my sims or altered versions of them.

Please do not post any part of my work on any paysite, including TSR (The Sims Resource).

Have fun!

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#5 26-10-2013
Great find, Fansee! I've always loved Fakepeep's outfits, and now I love them even more. Smile

#6 26-10-2013
Now I'd love Theraven to make these buyable baby clothes as well, for Chris hatch's mod.

#7 26-10-2013
@joandsarah - There's a mod for buyable baby clothes? How does that work? Like, you can plan the baby's outfits? I'd love to see that, do you have a link?

#8 27-10-2013
It's been out for a few months. Smile It's by Chris hatch who I believe is the one who originally found out how to make male and female baby clothes. You can get the mod either from him on Back Ally sims or from MoonlightDragon, which I recommended. Theraven also known as Simmer22 on MTS, creates a huge number of baby clothes including the new non-default buyable ones for this mod. I believe she is the only one creating clothes for the mod. Chris did include a couple of outfits, but making clothes isn't really his thing. Once you have the mod you use the teddy bear that comes with it to buy and plan your baby clothes, and you can pick and choose from any non default you have installed. I probably have about 50 now. You can change what your baby wears at any time! She has also started making accessories. Hair, baby shoes, hats-oh so cute! Seriously Theraven doesn't get nearly enough love or recognition for her contributions to the tiniest sims.
Adding the link http://moonlightdragon.freeforums.org/portal.php


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