#21 02-11-2013 
LOL! Yeah, you'll need to be strict with your gaming habits because simming will get you every time Big Grin I speak from experience!

#22 02-11-2013 
I knew buying a new graphics card during NaNoWriMo was a bad idea Big Grin It's time to make an hour-to-hour plan for the coming 28 days...

#23 03-11-2013 
OK. Current total word count = 1780. So just the 2 days behind at the moment.

But the meta-plotting was definitely worth the day's break from writing.

#24 03-11-2013 
Sounds good Kiri Smile Also two days behind and no meta-plotting done... Whoops. I could attempt to speedwrite my way to 3000 words in the coming hour... Yeah, not going to happen. So much for getting ahead in the first weekend.

#25 04-11-2013 
Don't worry too much about plotting, that is why I could never finish the earlier nanowrimos. My friend suggested just writing 2000 words each day and seeing where they take you, and when I followed her advice I was finally able to complete the marathon. Anyway, perhaps you should try it for just one day--you'd be surprised at the buried plots nesting your head that will that will pop up and jump about demanding not to be ignored the minute your fingers rebel and start typing the story without them. Big Grin

Keep at it!

#26 04-11-2013 
Thanks nanashi for your kind words Smile Yeah, the speedwriting really helped me during the first time I did NaNo, this time however, it just feels as if my mind draws a complete blank. Oh well, as long as you are cheering at the sideline I won't give up! I have to get serious about cutting down my simming time though...

ETA: would you look at that, it seems that being on the train does the trick! Don't know my exact word count, but I have finally written around 2000 words in a day!
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#27 05-11-2013 
I agree with Nanashi - you have to find the techniques that work for you. Some people 'pants' it (that's just the writing), some people plot, some people do a bit of a mix. If being on the train works for you - go for it! I'm going to have to find a quiet cafe or library to write in - my house is too distracting and I'm too good at creative avoidance.

#28 05-11-2013 
I hope you managed to find a quiet cafe or library today Smile I have reached the target for a second day in a row, just over a day behind, so that's good. The Write-or-Die-app really does the trick for me, have you heard of it? Really helps to focus!

#29 05-11-2013 
Well done both of you Smile
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#30 06-11-2013 
I haven't heard of that app, but I'm going to check it out right away (sounds awesome). And *congratulations* on reaching your word count consistently! As the Tao Te Ching states: "The journey of a thousand leagues began with what was under the feet."

It sounds like you've started walking Big Grin


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