LACK recolours of 'Transendence
#1 05-11-2013 
Recolour artists, I am looking for your opinions! As Lee suggested, I have made recolours in LACK-colors of the Transcendence frame. I have pulled the texture from the LACK side tables and plopped it on the frame. What do you guys think? Is it good enough? Does it need any colour tweaking?

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Klaartje, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Sep 2013.

#2 05-11-2013 
From a fellow recolour student, I'm loving it Big Grin
Karen Lorraine, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Jan 2012.

#3 05-11-2013 
Upload it already. Jeez Tongue

#4 05-11-2013 
Well they match the tables perfectly, so yeah. Success! They look good! Big Grin

#5 05-11-2013 
No colour tweaking needed, they are good to go. To quote our fearless leader "Upload it already"...I don't think I can hold my breath much longer. Smile

#6 05-11-2013 
Yay, thank you guys Big Grin Glad you like them. Will upload them tomorrow Smile

#7 06-11-2013 
Definitely upload them!

#8 06-11-2013 
Love them! Please share them!


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