Americans and Brits try to place countries on a map
#2 28-11-2013 
Very funny, Deb. I have trouble filling in a map of the US too. I can do most of Europe, but still struggle with the old Eastern bloc countries.
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Yup, same here Karen. I think the best one is where 'Holland' and 'Netherlands' are two separate countries Big Grin Or the one that said 'England is here somewhere'. It's funny how states/countries next to the sea are easier to name.

ETA: Nope, should have finished reading first, the one where Amsterdam and the Netherlands are two different countries is the winner!

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I showed this to my mates from the Netherlands the European countries, their response was, "yay we conquered Denmark finally" Then I pointed out this particular answer had also labeled them as in Belgium and they said Belgium "is practically us anyways" Big Grin
I'm also amused by the first answer, and I'm sure there's one where we're on the continent cos Scotland kicked us out of the UK...
loads of fun, thanks for sharing. Now I'm gona privately fill out my own map of Europe and see how I do...

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Tell your friends not to say the "Belgium is practically us anyways" too loudly next time they visit us ... lol

#6 30-11-2013 
I wouldn't know many American States that's for sure. Not that I would be great at placing all the European countries either, but some of those were funny!

#7 30-11-2013 
ugh... I can't even locate my house a local street map, much less any countries on a world map. I know where Japan is, and could spot the US, Australia, NZ, Greece, China, Malaysia, Singapore (and other SE Asian countries), Italy, Mexico, and Canada only... speaking of which for the longest time I thought Greenland was a part of Canada! I totally fail at geography! I need to study it before anyone ever asks me to do something like this and exposes my complete idiocy x___x

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True story. I was on a German exchange program with school when the Falklands conflict started and thought Argentina had invaded a group of islands off the coast of Scotland. Ahem.

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(28-11-2013 09:43 PM)eefje00704 Wrote:  Tell your friends not to say the "Belgium is practically us anyways" too loudly next time they visit us ... lol

Big "innocent" smiles from both of them Big Grin


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