#1 15-12-2013 
I, Kristy, the person who hates shopping, went shopping.
Primark recently opened their doors in the Netherlands.
So, we went to Zoetermeer.
It's like Black Friday in America in front of the Primark when it's not opened yet, I tell ya.
My feet are sore, but I have got loads of new stuff only for €118,50!
And we went to the McDonalds so that was epic too.
I really like my Snowman Hoodie and the dress I bought for Christmas.
And I also hate dresses.
I also bought militairy boots for just €12,-!
This was the first time I enjoyed shopping because everything I put on actually FIT me!
I'm usually very unhappy when I go shopping because nothing fits since my legs never properly fit in pants since they are just... shaped oddly.
So this made me very happy.
Basically, I had fun for the first time in ages.
Here, just for giggles, me in a Snowman Hoodie.
(I'm bad at taking pictures, sorry.)


#2 15-12-2013 
Aw very cute, I am taking my daughter shopping to Primark tomorrow Smile
Karen Lorraine, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Jan 2012.

#3 15-12-2013 
I should also do some shopping, but I'm always undecided Sad To buy a sweater I can put decades Rofl
I always think that nothing goes well on me..

#4 15-12-2013 
heck, I still have to buy all my presents - and B has her birthday between Christmas and New Year Sad

#5 15-12-2013 
Me too, Lee, you're not alone! Just wish my family would let me know what's on their list! And... it's Jenny's birthday tomorrow!
Karen Lorraine, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Jan 2012.

#6 16-12-2013 
That's a very cute snowman hoodie Kristy! We don't have Primark here, and I'm with you about hating shopping. Really pleased you had a good experience 12 Eur for a pair of boots is fantastic!

#7 16-12-2013 
I need to buy gifts too x___x although I'd rather not.

Cute hat, Kristy! It sounds like you had a good time Smile

#8 16-12-2013 
That is such a cool hoodie Big Grin

#9 16-12-2013 
Thank you, everyone ^^ They say Primark isn't that good quality-wise, but at least it will last about a year. So, that makes me happy.

#10 18-12-2013 
That's cute.
I do most of my Christmas shopping online. It's great now some of our stores do click and pick up. You pay online and the larger city stores send the item with free postage out to our smaller country shops and all we have to do is go in and pick it up.


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