Holiday in Shambles: What Would You Do?
#1 23-12-2013 
I agreed to work part-time and sub for a friend over my winter holiday, and I agreed to work one day. However her company kept sending me emails asking me to commit to other days, at first I said sure since they were asking for only one or two days, but then I realized that they were pretty much asking me periodically to cover the whole month. I requested a schedule with all of the days I committed to and stated that I could only work those days because it was my winter holiday too. They sent me a schedule and I went ahead and made all of my winter plans accordingly.

Now, at my dinner party, the friend who I agreed to cover stated that I had to work a day that was not on my schedule, furthermore it was a day that I had made plans assuming that I was free. She got mad when I told her that there was a mistake, and to avoid having her ruin my dinner party I told her not to worry and that I would contact her job later. It was a mistake as her employer forgot to add the date on the schedule--I did commit to the date in November at the start before they requested that I cover other days--but now my holiday plans are ruined. At first the employer said that he would cover one of those shifts, but then when I asked him to cover the day I had plans--he said he could only cover the 26th, so I cancelled my plans and thanked him for at least allowing me to enjoy Christmas and was going to just deal with it, but then I just got an email saying "I'm really sorry, I couldn't find anyone to cover the 26th, so you'll have to work it too." I feel like they think that it's okay to dump this on me because I didn't protest, but I'm also mad at my friend because now that she knows she won't have to work and her own holiday is secured, she doesn't care about how this wrecked my holiday.

I'm really tempted to call my other friends up and let them know that I can attend their party since this is not my job and I couldn't care less what happens if no one shows up at my friend's job, but I'm so upset right now it's hard for me to be objective. So if anyone reads this, what would you do if you were me? Would you give up your holiday plans for your friends to enjoy their holiday knowing full well they only care about themselves and would never do anything like that for you? Sad
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#2 23-12-2013 
1. This is not your job.
2. If I were you I would do only the one day that you agreed to work at the very beginning. And tell them to find someone else to cover the other days.
3. It is your holiday too, and you need to be able to take it.

Unfortunately, because you've been accommodating, they've walked all over you. Is your friend, really your friend if she's willing to do this to you?

I'm really sorry this has happened Nanashi, and I hope you can find a solution that works for you. hug. [Image: hug.gif]

#3 23-12-2013 
You originally agreed to work one day. If the day that is ruining your plans is not that day then all bets are off. Anything EXTRA to that day is not really within the bounds of friendship. Like kiri says, is your friend REALLY your friend if she is willing to let you suffer for their advantage?

#4 24-12-2013 
I actually did commit to the extra days in November when they asked, but when I got my schedule at the start of my holiday the person responsible for scheduling gave me the wrong schedule and I made my holiday plans around that schedule. Now at the last minute her boss asked me to cancel my plans but said he would compensate me for mix-up by letting me have the day after Christmas off--after I cancelled my plans he said: sorry, you can't have the 26th off either.

I didn't want to send an angry email, so I slept on it and then read your replies this morning before sending my reply to my friend's job. I asked them to reconsider the 26th, and made the point that while I recognize and understand that this was a simple mistake if they can't do anything to make it better on their end, then the entire deal is off on my end because it's not worth my holiday.

I don't know if I'll get a reply today as they are all at their company Christmas party, but let's hope everything works out. Thank you guys for your advice! It's really hard to be objective when upset, so I really appreciate being able to look at my situation from your point of view. Shy


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