Making the game see more Ram
#1 30-12-2013 
My game started crashing some time ago on large lots and I fixed it by turning shadows off, which suggests it's a memory issue.
Recently it started crashing again on large lots or lots with a good number of sims like an apartment or when there were weather changes like snow. I turned of neighbourhood view and that reduced the crashing on all but a couple of lots. My school and hospital. Large lots + lots of sims. My husband dusted it out for me a few days ago as it's been very hot over here (35-40C) So I thought maybe dust was making it over hot. It crashed again about an hour ago, again on the hospital lot. I had finished the rotation and thought great! saved then clicked on the neighrhood tab.. boom. I went and updated the drivers and added two .exe's to the DEP like this thread on GOS says to do. There were a pile of exceptions in note pad (looked there from what it said to do for TS3 on MTS) Now I am wondering about making it recognize more than 2gb of Ram like Jessa did there. Also I want to know which .exe is the right one fiddle with/add to the DEP. How safe is it? I'll make a backup before doing this of course but I'm not very good with computers. I would ask over on MTS but I can't due to certain site rules. Does this sound like a memory issue?

I have 4 Ram- I probably need more.
Nvidea GeForce 9800 card-old I know.
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#2 30-12-2013 
I think 4gb RAM are very good for The Sims 2 (I have 4gb ram and play with The sims 3 and 2 without problems), but also 2gb should be sufficient, with the options to a minimum.
The problem could to be graphic cards, power pack or also The Sims 2 itself.
If you keep PC on normally, without playing, it gives problems?

#3 30-12-2013 
Jo - which rules on MTS? In theory as a member in good standing then you should be able to post the question. Unless you are using a cracked exe (I do that too - saves the disk) in which case you might be wise to try running it with the disk first.

#4 30-12-2013 
Those rules, yes. Doesn't matter how long one has been a member. Maybe one day keeping your disk safe and your computer safe from sucyrom won't be a problem when you have bought games, but right now it is. I am one of the unfortunate few who had serious sucyrom problems on my older computer which is why I went over to using a crack. I can't run it with the disk in as that is what puts sucyrom on. If it was only an issue of keeping the disks scratch free I would use the disk. When I look in Program Files(x86) I see Sim2EP9.bak.exe and I also see SimsEP9.exe. I'm guessing that .bak is the crack. I put both in the DEP. I'm not very computer savy, I only got the crack to work because I was given good instructions plus a large pinch of good luck.

There were a lot of exceptions in notepad so maybe adding the exe files to the DEP might fixed it- I hope.

Deb, the RAM is okayish I guess. It's getting around to getting more put in as out tech friend said we could go two sticks of 4. But if I do that do I need him to change other stuff? I did ask once on MTS about upgrading but got more confused as it seemed to derail into what exactly my motherboard was. I think because what I read off my computer on start up was different from the box he left. I know it's a mish mash of upgrades. He put on an internal D drive which Sims 2 is on and I know a year or so ago the power supply went and a new one was put in. I had a new motherboard put in at one stage. I need someone to say buy this, this and this. Our tech friend is good, but he doesn't play sims and I am as techy as a paper bag. I'm scared I will end up with a video card that ruins my game. I loaded the game after I had put on the drivers and everything looked fine.

It's larger lots, lots with extra sims and weather changes that seem to cause crashing. It doesn't say why, although when I did the DEP I found a lot of exceptions in notepad. My computer itself works fine.


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