EPS essential for TS2
#11 23-01-2014 
Yes, another +1 for Ikea! And since we're talking Stuff Packs - Mansion & Garden Stuff has a great cheat that lets you use a smaller grid for placing objects. Plus is has nice shrubs. Kitchen & Bath Stuff has some good kitchen counters and appliances. H&M Stuff has some good clothes. Those are the best Stuff Packs, IMHO.

#12 28-01-2014 
For me it is:
University - but only for the music instruments.
Nightlife - the dating. The downtownies (more Sims to date!).
Seasons - the weather Heart and the gardening.
Free Time - all the hobbies. It gives Sims something to do when everything what they want is learned, cleaned, the kids are at school, et cetera.
and another vote for the Ikea SP. Because I like that store and their furniture.

#13 29-01-2014 
I'd have to agree that FT makes growing old more interesting and enjoyable for the sims. It is also one of the reasons I continue to play my older gen sims after their kids become YAs and adults. For hobbies, tinkering and gardening (as a nature hobby that allows for taking hikes) are my faves.


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