EPS essential for TS2
#1 23-01-2014 
Hi all, what EPS are essential for The Sims 2?

#2 23-01-2014 
I think they are all essential, but if I had to choose between them, then for storytelling: Uni, Nightlife, Pets, and Seasons

For game play add OFB

Bon Voyage, Apt Life are fun, but with CC and creative thinking you can create your own functional holiday spots and apartments.

I think Freetime is the least essential.

#3 23-01-2014 
I'm interested in the packs depending on how they change the game engine.

Base Game (obviously)
Uni - added YA stage
Nightlife - for rugs, and increase in the relationship values.
Apartment life or Mansion and Gardens - for shiftable paintings
Seasons - for weather
Free Time - for hobbies
OFB - businesses and business related game changes.

Pets - Pets - but only if you like pets.

Least needed:
Bon Voyage - didn't add anything to the game engine.

#4 23-01-2014 
I like them all too, but if I had to choose I'd probably go with: NL, OFB, Uni, AL
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#5 23-01-2014 
I couldn't play TS2 without OFB Seasons or FreeTime. Those EPs add the stuff that is most important to me, being: the ability to make, grow and sell stuff. Smile

#6 23-01-2014 
All of them. If I had to uninstall one it would be pets I guess.

#7 23-01-2014 
Hmmm.... can I cheat and copy/paste from my post elsewhere....

fanseelamb Wrote:The most crucial expansion for my game is “Nightlife” since it lets you make vampires. “Apartment Life” lets you make witches who cackle and cast spells. (One of my fave sims is a witch.) “Pets” lets you make werewolves and have dogs, cats, birds, and hamsters. “Open for Business” lets your sims run businesses (like bars that your sims can work at and have other sims visit). So I guess those would be the key expansion packs for me, although you’ll see elements from each expansion in my pics since I have them all.

My favourite expansion, however, is “Seasons”. It adds snow, rain, falling leaves, gardening, fishing, and an adorable penguin…. among other stuff. Two of my fave sims' hair came with Seasons too, come to think of it.

I do think all the EPs add at least one valuable thing to the game and using them all together makes it more fun. For instance, I don't like playing Uni much at all, but that EP added cellphones which are crucial IMHO. Although it's likely a later EP also included cellphones so you don't need Uni just for that. (I've always had Uni installed so can't say for sure.) Most EPs also add some kind of new objects and hair/clothing, so even if you don't care about its gameplay functions, you may love some of its content.

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OFB, Seasons and UNI seconded. Also IKEA, but you weren't asking for stuffpacks, still, its IKEA Big Grin I was sort of in the same place a couple of months ago, since I only bought the game last August. The lovely advice I got was to just 'go and buy everything'. You can guess who gave me that advice! Anyway, in case this thread is more of a 'what should I really get' instead of 'which one did you like most', this is how it worked for me and I hope it might help you too. I found that only a couple of the EPs and SPs are actually still available in store. I now have all EPs and SPs but I think around half of them were bought secondhand, I just couldn't find them anywhere new in stores. It seemed to me that a lot of people are selling their old games nowadays, even entire collections, so you can get quite a good deal with that. And since registering on the EA website is impossible, the only risk is the limit of reinstalls. Getting them all is quite worth it! However, only do this when you trust your computer can take it. I run TS3 on a different computer, now have 4 EPs and I don't dare to play the game anymore since I'm scared it might break my precious lappy.

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(23-01-2014 01:01 AM)Karen Lorraine Wrote:  I like them all too, but if I had to choose I'd probably go with: NL, OFB, Uni, AL

and +1 on IKEA as well. Its a great set up if you only build and don't play and have a low-powered PC

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Well, if we're going to talk stuff packs... I doubt that anyone here will be surprised to see me add another vote for the IKEA SP Celebrate


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