No Sims In Families Panel In New Custom Nieghborhoods
#1 30-01-2014 
Is it possible to create a mod that would stop the game from placing Sims in the Families panel when a new Custom Nieghborhood is created? (please, and thank you for at least reading this,)

And, I do appologize if I did not give this request a properly descriptive title.
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#2 30-01-2014 
Hi Patty,

Families Panel? Do you mean the Relationships Panel, perhaps? Usually, the game only puts Sims in that Panel if the active sim (the sims that you're currently looking at/controlling) knows them or vice versa. And Sims only know each other if they are in the same 'household' (which usually makes them family of a sort), or if they have otherwise met each other (making them acquaintances or friends).
For that mechanism, it doesn't matter if the neighborhood is old or new, Maxis-made or your own creation. Also, that mechanism is extremely complex and - I fear - virtually impossible to mod. There are some changes that I would have liked to make, too. But there is no way to make it happen, alas.

Besides, since my PC is out of commission, it's impossible for me to even play, let alone create mods Sad

I'm sorry, Patty. This is how it is.

#3 31-01-2014 
Oh no! I do hope that your PC will recover soon!

What I was attempting to refer to is the bin (or whatever it is called) where lots and houses are placed waiting to be moved into the game and that has a storage panel or bin where the game places Sims that can be moved in and played (the Ottomas family, Newsons and so on). They are there wether we want them or not. The problem being that the Maxis Sims in storage are still able to interact with with any Sims we do have in play. (They can still visit community lots, walk by or be brought home from work or school). I wish the game creators had provided a way to choose wether on not we want these when we create a Custom Hood using the in game tools.

Thank you ever so much for taking time to reply. Comsidering the family I was born into one might assume that I would be a natural born computer expert. I am not, However I do know how to knit, bake bread and how to play Sims.

#4 31-01-2014 
Ah, you mean the Family Bin or Sim Bin! In fact, it changes nothing. They are sims like all the others and the game treats them the same way.

But when you start a new hood, even before playing any families, you CAN immediately delete any of those families from the bin. And you don't need any mods for that! Simply select the family from the bin, and in the little window that opens, click the trash can to get rid of them forever. But you MUST do this before any of them gets a chance to meet others, so before you open your first household!

Knitting and baking bread are things that *I* cannot do. Sometimes I wish I had someone nearby who know how to do these things. Smile

#5 02-02-2014 
Oh, thank you ever so much. This is just what I needed to know. I used to delte those straight away ( as you describe) until some one told me I shouldnot even though this had never hurt my game. "Problem solved". I am thinking that some who dish out advice may, as my husband says, "Know just enough to be dangerous!"

Whe I next bake bread I shall send one of the grandchildren off to deliver a loaf or two to you. (Well, if you lived in one of our Sim nieghborhoods i...)

#6 02-02-2014 
You're most welcome, Patty. Smile

In general it's true that deleting families from the bin is dangerous. Only if it's the VERY first thing you do - BEFORE you've opened any households - can it be done safely.
Some people, however, will misunderstand such advise. And some knowledgeable players will simply say "Don't do it", because they're sick of trying to explain the difference over and over again.

Deleting occupied lots (with sims still in them) from the bin is just as dangerous, by the way.

There is also a way to get rid of sims that you have played and later moved to the bin, but that involves some very extensive editing sessions in SimPE to make other sims forget about te ones you want to delete. Very few people dare to undertake such a mission and actually get away with it. So I understand why you would want to be careful, because the risk is real.

So, good luck, Patty. Big Grin


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