Sims 2 and Graphics Cards - the fixes.

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#21 27-03-2014 
I just joined this site to say thank you. I just got a new laptop last week, and for the first time ever I'm seeing water instead of blue blocks (I was running Sims 2 on a 7-year-old laptop running Vista before this one).

However, I've had this other grating issue which I'm not sure is related, but I want to point it out.

I run Windows 8, and some parts of the screen flickers. Changing everything to low didn't help, but build mode, it would go all wonky and then in a few seconds just go back to normal. This NEVER happened on my old laptop. I'm gonna post my log here in case there is something here that can be pointed out. Compatibility mode actually made it worse (go into a neighborhood and the screen is completely black), and since the game works fine for me in Windows 8 mode, I think it's not needed.

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#22 27-03-2014 
When you ran in compatibility mode did you run the program as admin?

#23 27-03-2014 
I did not. Would that have made a difference?

#24 27-03-2014 

Yes, when you use the Win8 fix and run in compatibility mode ALWAYS run as admin.

#25 27-03-2014 
Okay, I'll try it out and report the news.

#26 27-03-2014 
What Leefish says is correct. Running as Admin is the way to go.

#27 27-03-2014 
So I set the compatibility to Win XP SP 3, and ran as administrator. Got the black screen issue mentioned above. Pressing alt+tab allows me to see the screen for a split second.

Running as admin under windows 8 works, but the random flickering still persists. It's not game breaking by any means, just REALLY annoying, especially since I'm in the process of remaking a home.

#28 27-03-2014 
ok, I think you need to let kiri have a look at the logs.

#29 27-03-2014 
For reference, I used this graphics rules (the same one posted on the original post for intel cards).

Once again, I can see water as water and not blue blocks, just that there's that annoying flicker that gets worse during build/buy mode.

Oh and I should also say that I noticed video card.sgr, and my card (Intel HD Graphics) isn't on there when I opened it.

This is what it looks like for me. It's not my video, but it's akin to what's happening.

And dxdiag stuffs:

Another edit: thank you to leefish for pointing this out, it seemed like someone else had the same issue I did on the board and they managed to have fixed it. I'm not very saavy in stuff like that (irony since I am a small-time web designer, so code shouldn't be intimidating), but this is that post:

Solution that worked for them:

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.txt  Graphics Rules.txt (Size: 34.12 KB / Downloads: 1040)
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#30 28-03-2014 
I'll have a look and fix it up for you.

No worries. Be back to you later


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