Clothing categories and separates
#1 06-03-2014 
Hey,I have question
Could it be possible to have separates in other clothing categories beyond casual ?
Thanks in advance
PS: I hope it's right place to ask it
Can You pronounce "veoauto"?

#2 06-03-2014 
Yes it is the right place - now we wait for @fanseelamb or @NixNivis

#3 06-03-2014 
@leefish - You sneaky fish, that mentionme worked like a charm. Big Grin

Sadly the answer is no, it's not possible. At least not that anyone has figured out yet. Personally I've tried making an "everyday" separate and changing its category to PJs or something in SimPE, but it didn't work.

#4 06-03-2014 
@fanseelamb, when you changed the category of your separate, did you change it to PJs-or-something only, or did you change it to PJs + everyday? Because I've heard from a fairly reliable source that you can put separates in other categories, just as long as they're set as everyday as well (e.g. everyday + PJs + undies, not just PJs + undies). I haven't actually tried it myself, though; I haven't made separates in forever.

#5 06-03-2014 
@NixNivis - I think I would have kept it as everyday also but don't remember for sure - it was a long time ago. I've heard a supposedly reliable source say it's technically possible too, yet I've never seen it actually done.... which leads me to believe my "reliable source" was wrong. 'Cause you'd think if it could be done we'd be seeing it all over the place, y'know?

#6 07-03-2014 
Thanks guys
What a bummer.I always thought that this is EAxis laziness
But it's worth to give a try,no?

#7 07-03-2014 
Sure, if you want to try and make it work go ahead! People are probably still discovering new ways to mod the game - you never know, it's worth a shot. Let us know what you figure out. Smile

#8 07-03-2014 
@fanseelamb, yeah, except it has been done. Like here. (See, I knew I'd seen people talk about it on my Tumblr dash recently.) Like I said I haven't tried it myself, but I'd expect to see a few more "omg this doesnt work u r stoopid" comments (it's Tumblr, after all) if it, you know, didn't work. Smile The how-to is explained here (yes, it's from the same Simblr as above, but it's a reblog). But again, I haven't tried it myself, so I can't vouch for it's veracity with absolute certainty.

So @Oeselian, I'd say give it a try, absolutely! And yes, please do let us know how it goes. Smile

#9 07-03-2014 
@NixNivis - Oh. I hadn't seen that. Apparently it was posted just 6 days ago so it's fairly new info I guess. Thanks for the links, and sorry for my bad info! I think the reason it didn't work for me all those years ago is I didn't try buying the clothes in-game - I only tried it in bodyshop. D'oh! The GoS thread where that info originated also links to this post which lists a bunch of SimPE codes that are super useful to have on hand while modding.

Really wish this info had been around back when I was making oodles of clothes. Hmmm.... and now I have an idea for something that I want to try....

* fanseelamb scurries off to attempt a thing

ETA: Also, a little tip - if you need to add up hex numbers like it explains in that second link I gave, you can easily do so with the Windows calculator. Under the "View" menu, choose "Programmer" (instead of Standard) and then click the "Hex" radio button on the left of the calculator.
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#10 07-03-2014 
Ohh there's hope
I'll look into it when I'm rested from 3to2 conversion which took the entire day
Thumbs up for the info


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