Windows wall cutouts
#1 09-03-2014 
Sorry to bother again Shy
I have a new question
This time is about windows .As you can see I have a problem with wall cutouts,they won't go past 16 clicks on a single story wall and i was wondering is it even possible?
Edit: Here's a pic of what i mean.Also sorrySad for confusing post,my laptop gave me lot headache last night and my anger was affecting my thinking
It's cfe wall,higher than normal wall.(On a pic second story wall)
[Image: 13056807424_22c5ecc5ba_o_d.jpg]
Damn,i just remember that these things are called wallmasks.My bad
Can You pronounce "veoauto"?
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#2 10-03-2014 
I am not sure what the problem is Oeselian. What wall cutouts do you mean?

Can you add an attachment or a link to a picture?

#3 10-03-2014 
I suppose they mean the cut-outs that enable you to see through a window. But that's still very general, and not very helpful, I guess.

#4 10-03-2014 
You get that with wallmasks on a cfe wall. The wall mask will distort.


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