For those who cannot spell
#1 10-03-2014 
So, I have huge problems with sticky keyboard keys and am a terrible speller as well. (Even with spellcheck in my browser I fail).

This means most of my posts have "edit" on them because I see AFTER hitting post that I have spelled yet another word wrongly Sad . So we now have the courtesy edit time feature where you get a bit of time (5 minutes) to edit the post content without the evil edit message showing.

EDIT to test
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#2 10-03-2014 
Oh good. That will work for me and my inability to get the download link right the first time as well? Big Grin

#3 10-03-2014 
Great, this will come in very handy indeed, thank you Lee.

#4 10-03-2014 
Finally! I remember a time when I could choose a setting that would never show the edit line in my posts, though I don't know if that was here or somewhere else. Anyway, I needed that, and still do, much harder than you, @leefish , because I suck at typing on tablets and at proofreading.

So yay for this feature, though I'd prefer to have at least an hour of courtesy edit time Big Grin

EDIT: (because that is how much sucking I do)

#5 10-03-2014 
Cool feature! Very handy for those of us whose eyes only start working when something is already posted...

#6 10-03-2014 
ok, I have made that 10 minutes - I see I am not the only one who wanted this Big Grin

#7 10-03-2014 
You rock, @leefish ! Thank you so much! Heart

#8 10-03-2014 
Yay! Celebrate I, too, fail at proofreading, so I will invariably detect some typo or other about 0.01 seconds after I hit "reply". Now my fail won't be that glaringly obvious. Tongue

#9 11-03-2014 
Oops - I didn't know 'editing' had a stigma with it.... I ALWAYS edit. Rolleyes

Funny story about spelling:
I was once teaching Adult Literacy - and had a student who wanted to go on to nursing school, but she couldn't spell to save her life! During class one night, I was perusing some catalogs while waiting for her to do her work, and I came across a T-shirt that said: Bad spellers of the world UNTIE
Of course, I couldn't laugh... which made it even funnier! Too funny!

...yeah, I edit 'cause I tend to ramble on and on and on and... *sigh*
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#10 11-03-2014 
@CatherineTCJD its not the edit so much as the fact that it makes me look indecisive. Which I am not. I think.


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