March - TO-DO Lists
#1 10-03-2014 
In an attempt to get the to-do lists decreasing at all, and also to get my butt into finishing stuff. I am putting this thread here. It is your permission to chase me up on them, and also to put your to-do lists here, and get chased up!

1. Complete Graphics Post for Leefish -- DONE
2. Round 1 Lot in AGS (requires the sorting out of AGS)
3. Round 3 Lot uploaded to MTS
4. Maisie's Sign
5. Bedding fixes
6. Add-ons for Beddings
7. Tulip Grove Build Set for MTS -- DONE
8. Round 4 Lot for Campus Constructors due 15 March.-- DONE
9. Round 5 Lot for Campus Constructors due 29 March-- DONE
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amazon wishlist because Lee said so.
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#2 10-03-2014 
What a good idea Kiri Big Grin Should I feel guilty now for allowing you to go off and kill things rather than finishing this? Wink
Anyways, here's my list:

1. Career pack for Elders
2. Career tutorial
3. Sesamestreet recolours for student dorms
4. Round 3 of Karen's contest in AGS for upload
5. Shelters for Salesmen - residential and community lots
6. Round 4 of Karen's contest: entry only --- DONE
7. Wallstickers - mesh and recolours --- DONE
8. IKEA Rugs - recolours
9. Upload dorm and nightclub on leefish
10. Round 5 of Karen's contest: AGS upload --- DONE

And that's just the projects I've already started....
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#3 15-03-2014 
My to do list:

1 Finish Round 3 playalong - DONE
2 Create Round 5 - DONE
3 Start Round 4 playalong
4 Start Round 5 playalong
5 Start to investigate and learn how to make matching doors for Tiggy's Metro window
6 Finish Choir programmes - DONE
7 Finish bookmarks for Choir - DONE
8 Make choir posters for sims
9 Create Round 6 - DONE
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