Kids Say the Darnedest Things...
#21 15-05-2014 
Hilarious! But oh dear I bet your mum was embarrassed. 3 year olds do come out with some gems. When my daughter was 3 we were leaving a cafe just as another lady was coming in, a rather large lady. So DD pipes up "You have a baby in there!" and points right at her stomach. She was never a shy child. Dodgy At the time I think I just muttered sorry and hustled dd out. She didn't believe me either. I had only had ds a few months before so a large stomach meant a baby to her.

#22 15-05-2014 
lol, had the same happen to me on the bus! Was preggers with Corbin Xander was sitting next to me and a rather rotund man got on and sat across the aisle, Xander was looking at me then him then me then him and then piped up with 'is your baby going to be a boy too?!' I was so embarrassed!!

#23 31-10-2014 
Elise last night while watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" : "Him's not a normal dog, Mommy..." lol! No, he's not kiddo Tongue She said it during a scene where Snoopy was the WWI flying ace, lol.


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