Mini Houses
#11 04-04-2014 
The foundation with just the posts, combined with MLC's Mini House Kit

#12 08-04-2014 
Cute. Big Grin

#13 12-04-2014 
I have finished this lot, and intend to upload it once I sort through which recolors I actually used Tongue

In the mean time, I have been working on these wall overlays for my round 6 lot. Will make the ones I need for my lot first, but will make a fairly large set in all. Decided to just add it to this thread, because I'm rather scatter brained with sim projects. So I figured might as well just add to this thread when I jump to new projects, lol.

[Image: lit_zpscc0d27c0.jpg]

@leefish - I wiggled the text at the bottom around a little. Does it look any less chopped off?

There are 5 different overlays in this pic. Here I've circled 4 of them so you can see how you could mix and match. The 5th one is all the "doodles" that I didn't circle Smile The green and blue ones are obviously two tile, the others are one tile.

[Image: separate_zpsbebebc31.jpg]

#14 12-04-2014 
It looks great, Jones Big Grin
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#15 12-04-2014 
yea, those look smashing Big Grin


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