Mini Houses
#1 04-04-2014 
Mini house I've been working on. Might turn into a series. Just a couple quick shots for now, as I'm about to head to bed. But will add more in the morning Smile

[Image: preview_zps17860a41.jpg]

[Image: preview2_zps7f3c687b.jpg]
Obviously, it will require the mod to use a double bed against a wall.
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#2 04-04-2014 
Cute! Good night Wink
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#3 04-04-2014 
Very Cute!

#4 04-04-2014 
Superb! Love the small details (curtains between main room and bedroom, diagonal fitted carpet in the sitting area, small cupboard in the entry). +1!

#5 04-04-2014 
I have to play test it in a little bit. Not sure if the closet will work. First time I've used the fake closet door thing from MLC. I don't know if sims will just ignore it and still be able to use the clothes rack or not. But I'm really kind of excited about this lot. I think it's really cute and homey. Some of you who have talked to me enough, or been in my contests might know, I don't do really small, and have never been able to build a starter that I was happy with, but this is both Smile

#6 04-04-2014 
If that doesn't work, Jones, try these by donaldb01 at mts.
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#7 04-04-2014 
Yeah. I thought about those too. I just really like all the door varieties from MLC Wink But it is definitely my fall back. Because I don't have room for a dresser, lol.

Well, actually I guess I could do a one tile dresser. But I want a closet.

#8 04-04-2014 
As long as you can click the rack from the top of the closet, it should work. Myself- I just use Merola's clothing pile and put it on the top shelf. (Since you can click on it from the top, it works. Smile )

#9 04-04-2014 
Oooo, thanks MLC! Will go grab that Smile And thanks for all your wonderful stuffs that make up half this lot, lol.

Yay! Testy McTesterton has fully tested the lot and it has met with his approval Smile The closet did work fine as is MLC. Either from the top or with cut away walls. Will keep the clothes pile for future use Wink Now to take pics.
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#10 04-04-2014 
:o wonderful Big Grin

how did you do the effect of the house got up from the ground?


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