Can I Delete This Thingamabob? AKA Safely Sharing a House
#1 16-04-2014 
I'm trying to get a house packed for upload.... for the very first time ever. Eek!

This lot was previously occupied. There's no way around that since I build as I play and have no decent pre-occupation version of any of my houses. I've heard previously occupied lots are not good to share - there was a thread about this on MTS a while back but I can't find it anymore.

SO. I open the lot in SimPE to change the thumbnail, and see it has oodles of "sim relations" and "sim scores" and 1 "sim information" thingie. Here's a pic to explain what I mean:

[Image: ZlybRol.gif]

My question is - should I delete those "sim relations" and "sim scores" and "sim information" thingies? Will that make the house safe? Will it make is LESS safe? At the very least I figure it'll make the file smaller. Is there anything else in there I should delete?

A little background on the house:
1. Built in my "gameplay" 'hood and occupied there.
2. Copied the occupied house's .package file from my Neighborhood Lots folder and placed it in my LotCatalog folder.
3. Placed the now unoccupied house from my Lots bin into another "testing" 'hood.
4. Packaged the unoccupied testing 'hood version and resaved it in Clean Installer with only the needed CC.
5. Reinstalled the Clean Installer cleaned version back in my testing 'hood. This is the one I'm working with now.

#2 16-04-2014 
MTS thread on Trying to clean a used lot.
Warning: it has a lot of posts Big Grin I haven't read through all of them, but it sure would have some useful info for you Smile

#3 16-04-2014 
I have no idea. Maybe PM Moo? I found a somewhat related thread, that you asked a question in, but it's in the Site Helper section. Since you're retired you can't see that anymore can you? It didn't really answer your question specifically anyway.

#4 16-04-2014 
@Klaartje - Thank you, I'll look through that thread. Big Grin

@justJones - Ah that must be why I could no longer find the thread. Shame that it's not in a public area. Sad

Honestly knowing me, I'll probably just delete the things and see what happens. Tongue

#5 16-04-2014 
You could delete the things in a copy and see what happens.

Ideally it would be better to rebuild and refurnish the house and then upload on a fresh lot.
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#6 16-04-2014 
@Karen Lorraine - Yeah I'll just try it and see what happens. Ideally yes I know rebuilding it would be best, but there is NO way I'm gonna do that..... waaay waaaaay too much trouble for such a slow and amateur builder as myself. Tongue

#7 16-04-2014 
A lot of the stuff I see in that screen shot, should be in the neighborhood. But I've never heard of those things being in a lot. Anyway, I guess most of it could safely be removed.

#8 16-04-2014 
Hmmm okay. Well I deleted those 3 things I mentioned before and didn't notice any problems (although I didn't play in live mode). But now something I did has made the lot free. Ack!

#9 16-04-2014 
Have you considered moving the sim out with the stay things shrub? Then put a copy of the house in the lot bin - and move the sim back in to the original house and upload the copy? Remove shrub of course before upload....

#10 16-04-2014 
@leefish - Hmm no I hadn't considered that. Have never used the shrub before. I'm a bit hesitant because I don't want to mess up my sims, but could make a backup and try it I suppose.

Hmmm. So I could make a backup of the 'hood folder, move the sims out with the stay shrub, move lot to bin, then revert to my backed up 'hood folder. Then put the binned lot in another 'hood to package it. Would that be okay?


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