Buying a new desktop
#11 20-04-2014 
Good idea Cat, and she would know what is available over here too. With only 512mb of RAM on the video card it's a wonder it loads at all! DH seems to think we should stick with NVIDEA since that's what I've had for a good 4-5 years old and it's been a trooper.

#12 22-04-2014 
We ordered it Big Grin Should be ready somewhere next week. Thank you all for your help Smile

#13 22-04-2014 

#14 22-04-2014 
I know right! I was bragging to Karen in chat that the wait should be easy-peasy, guess I was wrong! Big Grin

#15 22-04-2014 
I'm fired up now too! Might contact the computer shop tomorrow. Said that to David and he didn't say no Big Grin
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