Buying a new desktop
#1 18-04-2014 
Hi tech-savvy Fishies!
I have been looking at buying a new desktop, as my laptop is almost fried from straining it with TS3. I want it to be able to handle TS3 (+ EPs and CC) properly, and preferably run TS2 as well, so will try my hardest to find Win7 for it... The BF loves his racing games, which I'm guessing ask quite some processor speed and graphics too. I'm looking at having it custom-built, with the following specs:
Case: Cooler Master CM Force 500
Powersupply: Cooler Master B600
Motherboard: Asus H87M-PLUS,s1150
Processor: Intel Core i7-4770,s1150
RAM: Corsair ValueSelect 1333-16GB (2x8GB)
Graphics: MSI GeForce GTX 760 Gaming,2GB

As for the harddrive, would it be better to choose a larger HDD or an SSHD? We have a 1TB SSHD option, or 2TB HDD option.
Budget is around 1000 euros, but we don't mind spending a bit more if it gives a better performance My guess is that it will handle TS3 and TS2 and the odd racing game, but I know next to nothing about computers, so wanted to check here too Is this a decent computer? Too expensive for what it has to offer? Or good value for money? Being a cloggie, our webshop options are a bit more limited, and frankly, I would prefer a physical shop that I can carry the desktop to if something is wrong with it...
Thanks for the help!
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#2 18-04-2014 
well, first thing that struck me is the i7. For gaming an i5 is as good, depending on what games you play. If the games you play don't use multiple cores then you might not need it. On the hard drive - an SSD is faster regarding reading and writing - again what are you using it for. Look at the read /write speed of the HDD.

#3 18-04-2014 
Thanks Lee Smile Well, you know what I play Tongue I want to be able to play my TS3 + EPs again! BF would love it if it can run the newest F1 game smoothly, he has an old version now, and even that crashes on our current desktop. What games would typically need multiple cores? I'm guessing we might have overestimated the system reqs a little Tongue
Am comparing two cards, but a little confuzzled about the read/write speed... SSHD 1TB and HDD 1TB. Is it the 'overdrachtssnelheid' or the 'zoektijd'?

#4 18-04-2014 
I may be way off base here (if so go ahead and tell me!) but wouldn't "overestimating" the system reqs give you a machine that lasts longer? Like, when I got my current computer 5 years ago 8GB RAM seemed like a lot... some said it was overkill.... but today it's probably not considered a lot, and having less may inhibit running newer programs. I'm far from a hardware expert but I would think that if you have a budget you're comfortable with, why not get the most powerful machine you can within that budget so it'll work great now and maybe you won't need to replace it quite as soon.

#5 18-04-2014 
Good point, fansee Smile Thanks! This is the same point the BF is arguing for, I'm sure he will appreciate having another vote on his side Wink

#6 18-04-2014 
Just remember - S2 will only use 1 CPU.
Be sure your power supply is enough to run everything.
And double check your graphics card - be sure it will handle the Sims! (They don't all, and there's a chart over at MTS2 somewhere...)

...also RAM. Get more than you think is insanely possible Rolleyes
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#7 19-04-2014 
Where is this chart? I really want a new card and more RAM and whatever else.

#8 19-04-2014 
I checked the MOBO - it will hold 32gb, and you are getting 16, so that is fine, you have planned for the future, and your current memory is 2x8gb so that extends well.

This is a handy comparison chart for i7 vs i5.

#9 19-04-2014 
@joandsarah That graph is Here. It's a very helpful chart Smile

Thanks Lee, I will have a read through those comparisons Smile Thanks for checking the MOBO, that was one of the things I absolutely wasn't sure of Tongue I had another look at the requirements for the F1 game, and that one does list the i7 as recommended.

#10 20-04-2014 
That is indeed the chart - thanks for finding it again

A new computer is a fun thing to ponder... Wink

@joandsarah - I would suggest consulting Kiri about the cards you're interested in. She was a great help to me!
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Time flies like an arrow ~ fruit flies like a banana
Ah, well... there is that
So, you know the difference between roast beef and pea soup?


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