Any Game Starter (The Sims 2 – digital Origin versions)?
#1 19-04-2014 

I was wondering if the Any Game Starter program that already exists at MTS (link*) also worked with the digital Origin versions of the game...

I think it doesn't work, but I wanted to be sure. If it indeed doesn't work, anyone knows how I can do? Is it perhaps possible for anyone to make it function with the digital games? Thanks in advance for responding...

Oh and btw, I also have another problem: this time with The Sims 3. I used that Sims 3 AGS the other day, and unfortunately, I now can't install High-End Loft stuff pack anymore (I had to uninstall every Sims 3 game I had because of AGS3): it obviously has something to do with this program. If any can help me... Smile

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#2 19-04-2014 
Hello, Poisson

AGS doesn't work with digital versions of the TS2. I think the only way you could have a different configuration of games would be to have multiple accounts on your pc.
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