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#1 24-04-2014 
So, I am busy making an object, the object has two subsets and will have many recolours. Recolours will be things like yellow top, green frame, yellow top with leaves decal. That sort of thing.

Here is the question: What is the best way to name this package and the associated recolour files so it is easy to find them in the download folder without them having a ludicrously long name?
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#2 24-04-2014 
I do it inelegantly, like this (the lk part means I did the recolor):

lk-ylotop_leefish-object or lk-yellowtop_leefish-object (the abbreviation is for when the name is long)

I think Kiri does it like this:


another thing, if it's not obvious which are recolors with these systems, you can stick RC in there somewhere.

#3 24-04-2014 
I usually go with object_...._byKlaartje, but on reflection, that might be a little silly Tongue. In your case, I think I would go for this:
or would they be combined somehow? I'm not sure I understand the decal bit Tongue I thought that was just another recolour of the top?

#4 24-04-2014 
Indeed, the top has options - so you can have it plain or with a decal on it.....

Thanks for the suggestions, I shall go glare at my names so far Big Grin

Is it possible to put a tooltip on an object?

#5 24-04-2014 
Just a thought but why not give them names e.g. Yellow Top & Green Frame = Leefish-Whatever-Australia, White Top & Blue Frame = Leefish-Whatever-Finland, Black Frame & Yellow Top with Leaves = Leefish-Whatever-Jamaica, Green Frame & Red Top = Leefish-Whatever-StrawberryPatch, then include a colour chart in the zip file

#6 24-04-2014 
I'm easily confused so I avoid made up colour names and uncommon abbreviations. This sometimes results in long names, but I think making them straightforward is most important.

So. IDK what your object is, but let's pretend it's a table. I'd give the table itself a name to distinguish it from other tables. Let's call it the DinnerHolder. I always put the creator name first, so your table would go something like this....


This way when you sort in your file explorer, all the tops will be together and all the frames will be together, and the mesh will be fairly easy to spot. Then if I were to make recolours of your table, I would put my name first and then yours, like so....


#7 24-04-2014 
mine is similiar to what Lucy says mine is, but a little different - as I've been refining my naming system - it may change again later.

so for example my sign when it finally goes up will be named


deco is the category, sign is the sub-category, MASOfficeSign is the Meshname, Next comes the subset, finally the description.

If I was recolouring other people's things, I'd stick my id just before the description.

Also - I tend to rename meshes to match the criteria. I'm actually more interested in having the meshes and recolours sitting together than I am knowing who's made them.

I like having the subsets grouped together, and I folderise my meshes and recolours based on the category/sub-category/Mesh (I stick a -R on the Mesh Folder if they are repository)

But I've changed my naming system many times, and I think whatever works for you currently, is the way to go. Smile

#8 24-04-2014 
(24-04-2014 04:42 PM)fanseelamb Wrote:  leefish_dinnerholder-table_MESH.package
I do it the way Fansee does - with the exception of if I make a recolor, I add the color, REC for recolor, and -CGT (my initials) to the end
ie: leefish_dinnerholder-table_frame-pinkpaiselyREC-CGT.package

That way everything is together in the folder.

If the name starts to be ridiculously long - then I abrv. like so: leefish_DHtable_fr-pinkpslyREC-CGT.package
and, I change all the filenames to match - not just the long one.

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#9 25-04-2014 
Wow - so many replies. I did not realise package names was such a hot topic Big Grin

Thank you all of you for the advice and tips.

#10 25-04-2014 
LMAO - of course it is a hot topic Lee! The 2nd biggest task in Sims after downloading is organising the downloads!! Big Grin


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