[SOLVED] Default replacement objects get custom star
#11 27-04-2014 
Hmm. Well I was about to point you towards Lunie's recolourable stairs which are default replacements with no custom star. But yeah, I guess just take your advice directly from Lunie instead. How'd you do that, Lunie? Big Grin

#12 27-04-2014 
Just curious... why would you not want to put it in the BIN?
I throw a lot of stuff in there - now I'm worried!
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Ah, well... there is that
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#13 28-04-2014 
@HugeLunatic , no, it's objects (I've edited the title to avoid further confusion). Smile I'm quite interested in how you did those stairs, though, because they seem to be just what I'm looking for (only goes in Downloads, but no star).

Like I said in a previous post, I do NOT want these to be global default replacements; they're made for a game with a specific theme, so you might not want them in your non-themed game as well (if you like me and many others who play themed games have several different kinds of games set up). Me, in addition to my contemporary full game I also play medieval and Star Trek AGS games. I don't want Star Trek defaults in my medieval game, thank you. Tongue

@CatherineTCJD , the above is why I don't want them in the Bin. If you put them there, they become global replacements.
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#14 28-04-2014 
For an object default all you need is the GMDC and/or the TXTR resources in a package (possibly slot, cres if changing), neither gives the cc star. The MMAT and the OBJD are the things that do. So if you're trying to add an additional subset for the default, you need the MMAT and it will give the cc star.

#15 28-04-2014 
@HugeLunatic, you rock! I deleted the MMAT (I hadn't added any subsets, so I don't know why I'd left it in there in the first place), and *poof*! No custom star! Big Grin I'd show you a screenshot of how pretty it looks, only then you (and everybody else) would see what it is I'm doing, and it's kind of a secret until its release date. Wink

And that's very good to know, what gives a custom star and what doesn't. I didn't know exactly what it was before. Smile

* NixNivis makes mental note for future reference

#16 28-04-2014 
Excellent! Can't wait to see it. Smile


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