[SOLVED] Default replacement objects get custom star
#1 27-04-2014 
So I'm making some default replacements (mesh + texture), and they all end up getting that darned custom star that I don't want them to have. Now, I'm quite sure I've seen something somewhere about how to get rid of it, but I can't for the life of me remember where I might have seen it, let alone how to do it.

Does some wise old pike know how?
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#2 27-04-2014 
There is this for Bodyshop - I am unsure if those fields are available for objects: http://modthesims.info/t/304205

#3 27-04-2014 
They're all in a resource that's exclusive to Bodyshop stuff (the property set), so that's a no. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

I think you need to put the package somewhere other than in Downloads (a bit like you do with CEP files), but I'm not sure where. Also, this is the kind of default replacements you'd use in a themed game, but might not want for a "normal" one, so I don't want them to replace these particular objects globally (which I think they do if you put them with the Program Files like CEPs - but again I'm not sure).

#4 27-04-2014 
Maybe its how Lunie does the rug fix?

* leefish goes to look at that

#5 27-04-2014 
Putting the packages in the bin will get rid of the cc star- but you don't want that! Maybe this: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=422642 is something you could check out? It hides the cc star for everything (I think?) but maybe it'll show you what you could add to your package to remove the cc star?

#6 27-04-2014 
MLC - I think that might well be a global replace; eg it replaces the star with a transparent png.

#7 27-04-2014 
@leefish, I'll have a look, too!

@mustluvcatz, thanks, I will check it out what it does. Smile

I should add that if this had been something I made just for me it wouldn't bother me, but I'm worried people won't want to use them because they'll have heard that if in-game content gets a custom star, it can be deleted from the catalogue and that's bad. Only it isn't anything you have to worry about in this case, since these are objects that don't appear in the catalogue but can only be accessed under certain circumstances (and when you do, they can't be deleted, custom star or no). But I'm worried people won't want to use them anyway just to be on the safe side. Sad

Sorry for being so cryptic, but you never know who might be reading. Wink

#8 27-04-2014 
* leefish starts to panic that her scuba gift lacks awesome...

#9 27-04-2014 
Lee, who said anything about a scuba gift? This could be something completely mundane I'm making just because I feel like it. Big Grin

(Imagine that grinning smiley has a halo. Wink)

Edit: Unfortunately both the rugs and the star-remover are global replacements. Maybe it isn't possible to remove the custom star from default replacements without putting them in the Bin? Sad (In that case they're keeping their stars, and I'll just have to hope I can convince people it isn't dangerous.)
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#10 27-04-2014 
What about editing the property set in Phae's post? http://modthesims.info/t/304205

This appears to be specific to a package and not global.

EDIT: Unless ofc it's not bodyshop? Big Grin


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