Nitastat !
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I start two years a go an new neighborhood called Galaad Island from Sims Design Avenue (dead site), I chose the highest empty terrain in the world for my new simmie Lucy Ferne, a vegetarian, green thumb, loves the outdoors, athletic and something else. Sexy cowboy looks and a tent as a house. No simoleons in pocket, her lifetime wish is "Bottomless Nectar Cellar" (tunned by myself to 100.000).
First step, run to gather fruits and seeds, and start he own little garden and run to the consignment store to sell her goods, with luck she could buy in it a nectar machine.
In her lot, a lake, plants, a terrace where some stuff where put time after time with the money she gets.
And she started to have her rituals day by day, she would gardening in the morning, a got to eat at the city center to meet sims. Her garden became pretty big and the evening will be spent gardening.

And then I notice it. "Nitastat". Every time a sim do some gardening an pull off the weeds, they said that. Nitastat ! Countless time.
It feel like a big insult to someone, more than "imply mother is a llama", the way it is said, it's seems like a big repulsion. Forcing on the S and the Tat at the end. "Nita-SSS-TAT !"

Now at home (my real one), it became like an funny-insult to say.

What about you ? What do you feel for that "nitastat" ? Or maybe for an other simlish expression ?
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I think Nitastat will become a word in our house now. My non-simming RL family members will be directed to this topic in case of bewilderment.

It sounds like an expression of "Bah what again". I actually like the "imply mother is a llama" insult in TS3 - it makes me laugh and its a glimmer of the silliness that is all over Sims2. But I digress.

Did you see the recent post on Honeywell's blog about how EA are developing Simlish as a language? Lots of information about Sims4 (of course) but still an interesting read.

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In the Sims (1) for consoles, and Bustin' Out, there is something they say when you walk in on them in the bathroom, it sounds like "Ooo, you varmint get out!", which my husband and I still say a decade later, lol. He played the console ones with me Smile Also in those games, when they would practice speech in the mirror, they'd say something sounding like "You gotta wobble it" (while slightly wobbling their heads, lol). But the only Simlish we've ever picked up as Simlish, is singing "Don't Cha" in Simlish. "Doba, baby, doba!"

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Ooh, also in Sims 1 (but for PC), if a man and a woman were living together, when the woman went into the bathroom she'd almost always sigh and mutter something that sounded a bit like "whaddayaknow"... and then she'd put down the toilet ring that the guy had left up. I loved that little piece of realism. Big Grin

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I've always loved Sul, Sul for goodbye. Smile and Wabba-do.

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This video of interpretations always make me laugh.

The one I really get shocked at, in the sims 2 is when they call a dog for bath time. "Culo! Shimee tet shoo!" Culo is in Spanish, as some may already know, "ass". I feel like they shout to their dog: "Ass! Come take a bath!" And also I play the sims in French, lots of dog generated by EA in sims 2 are called Foulcan from an old French movie and it means "get the f*ck out" (I know, we have such a romantic language XD ). Do they really like their pets?

@leefish I didn't see the post about the new simlish for the sims 4. But I don't know if it's really good to make it like a normal language, all this little expression they have are more than enough for me to make me happy. And for the songs, they are amazing. In the sims 3 I really loved Here Lies, which doesn't really exist in English Big Grin

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I've learn one simlish word - varish,which probably means thanks or thank you


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