Challenge - May 2014 - Landscaping!
#11 07-05-2014 
Wow - this is a great tutorial.

#12 07-05-2014 
There were a lot of great tutorials on the exchange Lee. I'm really glad that some of them were saved.

#13 07-05-2014 
That is an awesome Tute, and I never knew about the Z+ action to zoom it back in after x, yay for learning something new!

#14 08-05-2014 
Oh yeah, Doc's camera man tutorial, that was always the go tute that we sent new people to who didn't know about camera mode. The good old days of old Boolprop. *misses that*

#15 22-05-2014 
Tea Party Garden, by Bailey and me Wink

[Image: 1_zps04f8b9b8.jpg]

#16 22-05-2014 
So cute Joni! Love that Bailey helped!

#17 22-05-2014 
Love it Jones, so pretty. Big Grin

#18 22-05-2014 
Super cute Joni - Bailey is gonna be a featured creator one day with that head start Big Grin

#19 24-05-2014 
Here is a selection of gardens from uploaded and contest houses. They're all different.

Beach garden


Cottage garden (these are all part of the same house)


Modern gardens


Formal garden (modeled on Hampton Court Palace)

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#20 24-05-2014 
I love the garden Jones - Bailey has got talent!

Karen - I don't know which of your gardens I prefer - they all look great. Smile


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