Challenge - May 2014 - Landscaping!
#1 02-05-2014 
Formal gardens, casual lawns for entertaining, jungles, and rooms Landscaping can really add to a lot.

So this month I want to see gardens - small intimate gardens, big formal gardens, gardens that are interesting and beautiful! Gardens that are interesting and ugly.

So get out your shovels!
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#2 03-05-2014 
I'd never thought of an 'ugly' garden... so I googled:
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTv0-onoWPh4zlF_8SMU_I...h3omq-3FGg]

Of course, if one isn't enough:
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTMHJWWzRmMfQkod7QEPPx...y54X1sbi-g]

But, it's not the 'garden' that's ugly...
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#3 03-05-2014 
Hmmmm, I think that needs to be cc!! Big Grin

#4 06-05-2014 
If you're having thoughts about how to do Gardening and landscaping - have a look at this tutorial:

Real Polly Mogs - The Great Outdoors

#5 06-05-2014 
Heres a beachy garden
[Image: Sims2EP92014-02-2023-30-52-52-1.jpg]

#6 06-05-2014 
Now that's one of Polly Mogs I haven't seen. How did you get that? I don't think it's been saved to clockwatching.

As to the toilet, Cat I have bamboo through a toilet on my dingy hostel on MTS. Sims still use it...

Tiff, I love that garden! I was planning on doing something like that with steps down on a beach lot with a jetty, but it was giving me issues so I put it aside for awhile.

#7 06-05-2014 
love the garden tiff
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#8 06-05-2014 
What's clock-watching Jo?

I downloaded all of Real Polly Mog's tutorials years before the Sims2 exchange came down - because the exchange ran slow to me. A friend was asking about her tutorials so I loaded them all up on my server as is (hence the sims exchange stuff on it).

Tiff - that garden is gorgeous! Big Grin

#9 07-05-2014 
It's one drool-worthy back-garden,Tiff

#10 07-05-2014 
@celebkiriedhel: It's a site that we saved exchange stories to. Hoopytrib ran it.
Looking, I see that polly Mogs Outdoor tutorial is there.


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