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#1 03-05-2014 
Okay, so now that I got my Sims 2 game working (still salty about that damn switch), I have been flirting with the idea of meshing hair and clothing for both Sims 2 and 3.

Thing is...
I'm a complete nub at Blender and Milkshape.

I've been looking for an idiot-proof guide to meshing, but haven't found one yet. So can someone point me to the right direction?

Thanks <3
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#2 03-05-2014 
Well, start with clothing since that's a bit simpler. Once you're comfortable with clothing that makes it easier to grasp hair. The tutorial section at MTS is a good place to begin.

MTS Body Shop Meshing Tutorials (for Sims 2)

And when you run into problems, feel free to ask questions here or on MTS. I can't help at all with Sims 3, but I've made quite a bit of Sims 2 clothes and hair so will hopefully be able to help with that. Smile


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