Booth Seat problems
#1 08-05-2014 
I have a feeling this is a known bug, but it is it normal for some booth seats in restaurants to not work? I've taken a test sim twice to a restaurant I am building and after going in and making sure table and booth seats were all placed without any cheats on he can only seem to use one fully, the one on the left where the booth curves around the table. The one in the middle just has the two booth chairs facing each other. He can use the first one on each side but not scoot over to the wall. The third on the right which also curves around he says he can't use at all. I went back and picked up and replaced each booth and table and tried again with the same result. Can anyone help with this?
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#2 08-05-2014 
Is there a window with a curtain or blind? If so, try removing the curtain. If that makes it usable then I have a thing somewhere that fixes that.

#3 08-05-2014 
Yes there is a window and curtain at each booth seat. I recall you had something going on with this some time ago. Since this is for upload I guess I will have to remove the curtain. Sad

#4 08-05-2014 
Yea, fansee told me about it LONGGGGG ago. The booth seats are not included in the list of objects that can intersect with sims and curtains. I think toilets are the same too.

Yea - here is the link on MATY - last post in the thread.

#5 08-05-2014 
So shiftable curtain file fixes the issue? How very strange. Thank you very much! How do I send a pm on here? I've only ever responded to pms and I don't see a link. I have a question that i don't want a certain scuba to see. I'll be back in the morning as I'm off to bed now.

#6 08-05-2014 
Go to a members profile and you will see a little envelope icon under their avatar - that is PM.

#7 08-05-2014 
Have you got Inge's mod for the booths? That should help as well.

#8 08-05-2014 
Jo - I ran into this problem when I built my Charlie's (Chaplin) restaurant for the Build A Business contest... The booth can have NOthing "extra" - no curtains, place settings, candles, etc...

Though, it sounds like you already got it sorted Wink Good luck!
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#9 08-05-2014 
I managed to sort mine out so it worked for the build a business contest. I'll take another look at it and see what I did with it.
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#10 08-05-2014 
I thought I posted here? Wonders where post went... O_0

This will work great for my own game, but I don't really want to upload something and say you will need a mod to make it work, so I'll have to take away the curtain. EA and their stupid coding, this should have been fixed in a patch.


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