I've Seen a Ghost
#1 22-05-2014 
I saw a ghost for the first time in game today. She came through the easel while my sim was painting. I nearly became a ghost myself. Scared me half to death. My sims usually don't die, but I had some sims I wanted to get rid of and instead of moving them out like I usually do, I just killed them out. Perhaps I should've let them live, now they will haunt Julien Cooke and his wife my model forever! (that is unless I can insim them back to life or something and just move them out).

#2 22-05-2014 
Why not move their graves/urns to another lot? That will shut those ghosts up. Alternatively there's my Ghostbusters mod, which effectively stops Ghosts from appearing.
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#3 22-05-2014 
Make a graveyard and send them there. They are great fun to send sims to at night, knowledge sims love it.


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