Sims4 rants and raves
#21 29-05-2014 
If we are sliding back into the pudding, there will have to be some amazing game play to make up for that. I still think they look better than TS3 sims- but no where near as good as I thought they might be. I'm more noticing the 'bloom' on the enviroment, That bothers me.

#22 29-05-2014 
The Bloom. Sad It's causing half the problems with puddings if you ask me. Everything is shining - and that is blurring the sims.

#23 30-05-2014 
I dunno, The bloom is a fine line you have to really toe at. Some things do look nice when bloom is added, Like metals when shining or lights. But the way EA is doing the bloom is really overdone. I think it's to keep in line with that cartoon feel of the Sims themselves. All in all, I hope they give an option to turn it off or even lower it as desired. I wouldn't mind it if I can turn it off or lower it down.

TS3 had a ridiculous bloom (that I am glad was easily removed) that made it hard to work with building. I also do hope if they do a full moon functions , they cut the odd greenish tint from it, cause on top of the bloom it was majorly annoying to play with that among the other things it did..

#24 30-05-2014 
@Oeselian Talking of windows - are you going to upload the ones you made for Klaartje?

and back to our regular programming. Bedding variation OMG!!

#25 30-05-2014 
The default replacement I am downloading or making... drink glasses without garnishes. Who does that in their home?!

#26 30-05-2014 
Maybe it's a party thing! Throw a party - make fancy drinks. That'd be cool. Anyway, drink garnishes are cute so I wouldn't mind even if they do it all the time. Tongue

#27 30-05-2014 
* leefish carefully arranges a lemon slice and umbrella on her glass of Cola

#28 30-05-2014 
I'm really pleased about the build mode points they brought up: adjustable height walls and windows and foundations, moveable houses, after-thought foundations, and did you see that roof thing? They not only adjusted the slope of the roof, they also could make it curved concave or convex. I think it will mean that making wall coverings will have to be like making Sims 3 patterns and that makes me wonder about the resolution because I don't want big fat plops on my walls for the most part. I also wonder because the building in the introductory shot have a huge round portico and there was no information on how it was made so I wonder also whether that means it doesn't exist, or it exists only on rabbitholes, or it's a preset you can plop in to your buildings.

With all this lovely build mode stuff goign on I hope there are Sims 2 style community lots you can actually take yoru sims to because I love building thigns but my sims all live in modest apartment blocks right now (also I would hope for apartments to be an early and viable expansion because it will be a wrench to go back to house-dwellers).

#29 31-05-2014 
Quote:TS3 had a ridiculous bloom (that I am glad was easily removed) that made it hard to work with building.

Is that why I find it hard to see to build anything in TS3? Apart from my bad eyesight that is. And what do you mean by, you can remove the bloom? I thought that was how the game was.

#30 31-05-2014 
In Ts3 there is a Graphics Rules mod that got rid of the Bloom. I fail to remember now. google "Sims 3 no bloom mod" I believe it will pop up (if you want it I suppose)


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