Sims4 rants and raves
#1 28-05-2014 
So - who of you is following Honeywells Sims4 Blog?

We got some great updates with the new build mode video. What looks good to you?

All I can say is OMG adjustable height windows Heart
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#2 28-05-2014 
I am following Honeywell's blog and it's even easier now you've linked it Big Grin

Can't wait for TS4 Big Grin Want it now!
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#3 28-05-2014 
adjustable windows ?Now you guys got me intriguedWink

#4 28-05-2014 
* fanseelamb raises hand

I'm following!

Yeah, the adjustable height windows are an OMG. The automatic windows are pretty neat too (if they get placed where you'd actually want them).... in fact the whole thing looks good! being able to move a whole building and easily reshape rooms and pick out pre-furnished rooms.....

But the biggest WOW for me, aside from the adjustable height windows, is being able to add a foundation after building the entire house. I've wanted to do that so often in TS2, so that one excites me. The 3 different wall heights sound cool too.

* fanseelamb remains completely phlegmatic

#5 28-05-2014 
Wait?! Adjustable windows?! I could care less about anything else! I don't need two billion versions of the same window to have a nice looking home is the icing on the cake for me. Now if only EA actually makes complete sets, then we're talking!

I think the fact that we can foundation after everything is cool, mostly because it's no more having to delete everything, relayout the house and redo the entire furnishings. It's also nice to see I can still build my house how I want ti and not rely on presets or the crazy dragging. I think I will like Ts4 for the building.

On another note, moving whole buildings seems to be scary odd. I dunno about it, it just seems to be a scary thing.

* levini joins Fansee in remaining completely phlegmatic

#6 29-05-2014 
I follow it like a shadow in the afternoon. I recently fell in love with Bella and Mortimer. I also like the guru guy who Honeywell is always referencing and the Asian woman's self sim. I love the way you can have ethnic specific features now without them being exaggerated or grotesque. Goodbye default heart face! This generation of sims are so beautiful *heart*

#7 29-05-2014 
Oh my gosh, those windows are so freaking cool! And the roof!!

However, his landscaping just killed my soul a little bit...

#8 29-05-2014 
So yea, something Honeywell said - no sign of the water tool. Is it missing? Is it so mundane compared to roofs and windows and foundations they don't show us? What is the story here?

#9 29-05-2014 
Thanks for posting, I tend to forget to check her blog. I hope this time they did away with all the silly building restrictions, it's sims not real life building. Like having to delete a stair before putting some fence on an adjacent tile because "something is in the way", but place the fence and then the stairs will place just fine, and stuff like that. My latest build has been driving me a bit mad.

The window and the roof tool look cool. I would like to see non capsulized building. AS grabbing and dropping blocks is great for a quick house, but not what I call real building. I like the end bit where Bella picked up a saw, good to see work benches will be more than whacking a block with a hammer.

#10 29-05-2014 
Well I'm sure they'll have pools. The ability to drown your sims is one of the keystones of the entire series, after all.

And YES @nanashi - the Asian looking sim excited me too. Actually it was an Asian man sim... I think he was shown in the recent CAS video. Realistic ethnic features FTW! (But not TOO realistic - I still adore the cartoonish aspect of the game.)

What worries me though, is that we've mostly seen CAS footage and renders of the sims. The build mode vid did have a bit of in-game sim footage.... and those sims seemed to have lost a bit of their CAS uniqueness.... like they do in TS3. It was just a quick clip and not a closeup of anything, but yeah. Phlegmatic.


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