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Have just seen this amazing build set in progress at the moment by Tami at BPS, its looking amaze-balls!

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#17 07-06-2014
Well, it's something that can be fixed- if you ever feel like fixing them. The invisible floor tile works and is easy to use. Smile It really is an awesome set, Tami and the weather issue won't stop (and hasn't stopped) me from using it. And I'm 100% sure it won't (and hasn't) stopped others.

* mustluvcatz sends a bazillion hugs Tami's way

#18 07-06-2014
Tinkle (Tami) no need for apologies - its a completely beautiful set and I fully understand that you need a break!

I'd give you a bazillion hugs too - but I don't know you yet and you make think it strange if I did.

#19 07-06-2014
Aw thanks! Well I don't bite and I'm most likely a bit strange as well (Maria most likely has figured this out already)...so bazillion hugs are always welcomed!

#20 21-06-2014
These are amazing! Great find Tiff!


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