Hood traffic speed
#1 01-06-2014 
Here is yet another probably unsolvable modding question from me. I always thought the traffic in hood view went a bit fast, but now I have defaulted to horse and carriage it looks like someone must have put some gun powder under the horses saddles! Kind of amusing, but at the same time slightly annoying. I'm wondering has anyone made a mod to slow the speed of the hood vehicles or could it be done?
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#2 01-06-2014 
You know,I bet that is in the graphics rules. I think Kiri would know.

#3 01-06-2014 
Thanks, I'll give her a pm if she doesn't see this.

#4 02-06-2014 
Or you could give her a mention : @celebkiriedhel

#5 02-06-2014 
Big Grin Good thinking.

@celebkiriedhel: Do you know of a way to slow down the traffic in hood view?

#6 02-06-2014 
The good news is that I went and had a look. The bad news is that it isn't in the graphic rules. Or if it is it's in hiding under a name that has nothing to do with hoods, cars, or anims or speed.

I've also had a look in objectscripts, overrides, effects - and they're not mentioned. Actually - the package in effects looked to me totally unreadable.

If you could either link me to the default replacement, or send it to me - it may have enough info in it for me to track down the other infos.

My gut feel (which is often wrong) is that it is either linked to a script/bhav/str/anim or it is hard-coded. Unfortunately I don't know much about hood deco, so it will require some research.

#7 02-06-2014 
Thanks Kiri. Big Grin http://modthesims.info/d/272655 MTS is going really slowly for me right now, so only part of the page is showing, but I think that's the vehicle default. I was wondering if it was hard coded, because I thought if it was changeable hexameter probably would have changed it or mentioned it.

#8 02-06-2014 
So true! I can not imagine you being the first or only player to be annoyed by the anomalic speed of the vehicles in hood view. It would have stuck in the craw of others, too! So, the fact that changing this speed seems to not have been done yet, would indicate that it probably *can't* be... But I still hope that Kiri will find something... You never know.

#9 02-06-2014 
It's possible it is in the shaders. There are a couple of resources for neighborhoods there. I know I've seen water speed there.

#10 03-06-2014 
Where do the shaders live HL? I had a bit of a look through all the packages in the Base Game and didn't see anything jumping out at me.

Apart from from the tracks in the neighborhood.ini and stuff in effects.package which baffles me.

Which is not surprising because I'm not familiar with a lot of what goes on in the game outside of objects.


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