Very disappointed
#1 04-06-2014 
Cross-posted from my LJ, coz I need to vent to lots of people. If that's not OK, feel free to lock/delete this post.

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When you're trying to install the games and it says hahaha Nope - what is the actual error/behaviour that it is doing?

If I can help - I will.

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Thanks for the offer of help, Kiri! You are truly awesome! *hugs*

On Mountain Lion, it installs, and then refuses to boot. It says something along the lines of "Power PC games are no longer supported." (This is true.) I tried installing Rosetta from my Snow Leopard install disc (Rosetta lets Power PC programs work on newer systems), but Mountain Lion won't accept Rosetta. (This is a known issue, apparently, that I just didn't think to research.)

When I migrated things using my Time Machine backup and the Migration Assistant, nothing opened right, not even the screenshots, which should open just fine in Preview, since they're straight up pngs. I'm blaming that error on Migration Assistant and never using it again.

When I install the base game the normal way in Snow Leopard, it installs fine, tries to boot, and then "quits unexpectedly." I did tell it to skip registration (or is the phrasing "never register"?), but I did that on the last two installs as well, on two other machines running Snow Leopard, and it never seemed to care. There is an error log available when it crashes, which I could copy tomorrow evening if it would help.

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Hi esme! I'd like to try and help too if I can. It really has become very difficult to play ts2 on newer macs but maybe we can figure something out?
- What happens if you wait to launch the game for the first time until after installing base-game and either Seasons or BonVoyage (well and combo-patching too)? If it'll load with the later eps, maybe we can sneak the earlier ones in.
- I'm sorry for the obvious question but you're installing in Applications and not Games, right?

Now about going to Bootcamp, I had the same loyal-Mac-user worries as you but... NO REGRETS! I'm using Windows 7 too with no problems, I think it's Windows 8 that is problematic. Aside from a learning curve while just becoming familiar with a PC environment, playing ts2 is so much better! Having all the eps and sps is THE BEST THING EVER plus much improved graphics and being able to use Homecrafter and SimPE and LotAdjuster type .exe programs, it's added so much to being a simmer - yay!
Investment-wise, I haven't needed Office so you might not either. And the (free) Microsoft Security Essentials updates have really improved regarding anti-virus protection, with just common-sense about unfamiliar emails and downloading stuff I feel pretty safe. I was buying all the Best Of collections in late 2010 and got some great prices because stores still carried them but I'm afraid you'll pay more :/ I did end up pirating GlamourLife, it's such a silly stuff pack that I don't feel guilty about it Sleepy

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shastapirate! *is shocked*

Don't give up esme! New computers are awesome. But they don't always like to play nice when it comes to installing and/or playing older games, which is something some Windows users found out with Windows8. But there has to be a way to get it to work. Smile

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From the Snow Leopard point-of-view, the launcher isn't working anymore - you need to do it from the Sims2xx.exe(or whatever the equivalent is) because it will crash at that point.

And yes please, I'd like to see the error log to see what it is actually complaining about.

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Oh no, esme, I'm sorry it's giving you so many problems Sad I will keep my fingers crossed that the awesome kiri and shasta can figure something out for you Smile

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Esme, I posted on your LJ, but posting here too. Sending lots of good vibes that you get everything working better than before. *~*~*~*~*~*~

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I got sims base on DVD and Nightlife for 2 euro at the weekend. I could donate those if you needed some starter packs for a win7 set up. I have another double pack as well and some .isos of the harder to find SPs....

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@joandsarah, @Klaartje, @mustluvcatz Thank you for the encouragement -- I feel lots better now! *hugs everybody*

@shastakiss Yes, I am installing in Applications. (And there's nothing wrong with asking the obvious -- one of my coworkers couldn't get her computer to work right yesterday because she forgot to hit "Save" before moving on to the next step, so sometimes that's the problem.) I will wait to try adding a later EP until after Kiri's had a look at the error log, just in case it's easily fixable.

I find the options for purchasing Windows 7 kind of bewildering, and it's probably going to be the most expensive part of switching. Could you tell me what kind of Mac you have, which Mac OS you have, and which version of Windows 7 you're running? (Currently I am looking at this one.)

@celebkiriedhel I'm not sure what you mean by booting from the .exe. Could you explain what that means on a PC, and I'll see if I can figure out the Mac equivalent? The error log was too long to fit in this post, so I sent you a PM. I hope that was OK.

@everybody Thank you for the support! I feel a lot better now knowing that there are solutions and friendly supportive people who understand! *hugs everybody*

Does anyone know if combo packs like these are safe/functional/good deals? If they won't work right, then they're not good deals, but if they work right, it comes out to like $4 per disc. What should I look for when buying a PC disc?


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