Skype Hacking - Update
#11 08-06-2014 
damn you,MicroCrapSad right?

#12 08-06-2014 
Yup - Microcrap. Or Microsloth as I call them. Big Grin

#13 08-06-2014 
Oh noes!!! I'm glad you're able to be calm; and that things will be rectified - hopefully sooner than later Sad I'd be a total freak-mess over this!
You've been on my prayer-list for a while - but, now I will add specifics! Good things will happen Big Grin (((hugs)))
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Ah, well... there is that
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#14 10-06-2014 
Another Update: Skype have refunded all the charges. It's gone through to paypal, and paypal has listed them all as refunded. So now just have to wait for it to get through to my bank account.

Yay! Big Grin

#15 10-06-2014 
Yay, Kiri, such an answer to prayer!
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#16 10-06-2014 
Yay! Celebrate What a relief!

#17 10-06-2014 
NiceBig Grin


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