Skype Hacking - Update
#1 07-06-2014 
For all those in chat who heard about my problem with my skype account being hacked.

For all those who weren't in chat. My Skype got hacked on Thursday night, and charges were made to the tune of 400AUD. Only 40AUD of charges got to my bank by Friday, 80AUD were refunded in paypal, and the rest is in limbo in paypal. What I'm looking for is getting refunded 40AUD at my bank, the paypal ones in limbo to be cancelled.

First bad news - all of the limbo charges have made it to my bank. So the total actual cost to me at the moment is 400AUD.
Second good news - I got an email - Skype is on board to refunding me the entire amount that was fraudulently charged.
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#2 07-06-2014 
OMG, how terrible! Good news that Skype is working to remedy the situation at least.

#3 07-06-2014 
Oh no, I was hoping they wouldn't take out the full amount Sad I'm glad Skype is going to refund you, fingers crossed they will do so in a timely manner...

#4 07-06-2014 
I've organised with a friend for back-up funds while I wait for refund, so it's not going to be too horrible - no bills will go unpaid. Smile

#5 07-06-2014 
Glad Skype are gonna refund you, Kiri and glad you have organised back-up funding. Will keep praying for you.
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#6 07-06-2014 
Thanks Karen. I appreciate it. I'm pretty sure that my calmness and being able to handle what's going on is because you're praying. Smile

#7 07-06-2014 
I'll keep praying. They prayed for you at work too.
Karen Lorraine, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Jan 2012.

#8 07-06-2014 
How awful! I'm so glad Skype is going to refund you and very glad you have back-up funds until they do! I mean... yikes!

#9 07-06-2014 
yea, I am so glad that it seems that SKYPE are going to waive these costs. Any idea how they got access to your account? It seems a big loophole is there somewhere.

#10 08-06-2014 
Still working on that one Lee. I ran a deep anti-virus scan that took most of the day yesterday, and it only came up with one malware that I was already aware of - and not one that could go for passwords.

My current guess is that it was part of the ebay database break-in thing seeing as ebay, skype and hotmail are all owned by the same company and I bet are on the same servers.


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