Hillside House
#1 07-06-2014 
Haven't been around much last few days, trying to conserve my limited internet Wink But am not dead! lol. Am working on this lot. I think I like how it's coming so far.

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#2 07-06-2014 
I think it looks beautiful so far.

My opinion, but I think maybe using larger and more open windows will make it better though. I think it looks really closed up and dark and it would look nice with larger open windows that give more of a view to the residents.

#3 07-06-2014 
Love the colors and the landscaping. Though I see what levini means re the windows, swapping them out for something like the OFBs might make it lose some of that broody look.... hard to know unless you try it.

Also yay for not being dead.

#4 07-06-2014 
Was trying to avoid CC, but have given in, lol. Just for the windows. Because tig's metros are just perfect for this lot.


#5 07-06-2014 
Gorgeous house, Jones. And I agree with Levini.
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#6 07-06-2014 
This is beautiful, and I love the CC window swap! Wow!

#7 07-06-2014 
I like it tooSmile
Inspired by Fallingwater,isn't it?

#8 07-06-2014 
Wow, what a difference the windows make! It looks great! Big Grin

And I agree with Lee, not being dead is good. It's certainly better than the alternative. Wink

#9 07-06-2014 
Very slightly, Oeselian Wink Why not take a bit of inspiration from FLW, one of the best architects ever?

And I think I've thrown that cc thinking out the window. EAxis just didn't give us enough that matches!

Edit: My unenlightened husband didn't even know what Fallingwater was! I had to show him Wink

#10 24-06-2014 
Wow Joni that looks fantastic!! And I totes agree on the windows! Cant wait to see it all finished, and hope you going to upload, Brandi Broke may be going through a divorce soon, the finger in the sky hasnt quite decided, but she may be on a lookout for a fancy house to buy using the divorce settlement! Big Grin


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