Modular stairs!! :@
#11 10-06-2014 
Normal stairs are a static, fixed meshes, that go between two floors only. These have settings in the OJBD for level, at least for the portal and end. Modular stairs are fluid and can span many levels. The mesh is partially static and partially fluid. Static as in each step is a specific size, and fluid in that you can have many of the "middle stairs", but only one top/bottom. The levels are decided in one of the many BHAVs, but the mesh is still fixed.

The CT - No Supports is to allow the one tile underneath the top step to be accessible.

#12 10-06-2014 
Oh I meant the modular stairs for both of them lunie - the holy smoke stairs and the other modern looking one doesn't have the block underneath. While the Euro and the other more classic looking ones do.
The holy smoke stairs doesn't have a portal in it's bhav, but the Euro one does.

I would have though that most all the modular stairs would work in the same way and just the mesh would be the difference - that's why I was surprised to see the difference in objf and bhav between the two modular stairs.

The static stairs are fine. It's the modular ones that confuse the halibut out of me.

#13 10-06-2014 
Jo - when I build something like that, I use the open-underneath mod stairs (Lunie has a version of the Euro ones too that are recolorable, at MTS) Then to fill in the sides I put a wall and use the cut-away stair wall thingy (also at MTS). I could go find the links for you but I'm lazy Wink

If you need the links hollar, and I'll find them.
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#14 10-06-2014 
I grabbed some open Euro stairs and luckily its the same one that esme already has, so I figure if I build with those and then clean the cc out of the package they should hopefully show up in her lot.

That's a good idea about the cutaway Cat, only it's making more cc. I'll see how they look open first as it's only from stage to floor. When Esme goes to a partition the cc won't matter so much but mac's have a set limit and the lot is designed for macs, just up to Seasons. I really prefer to build cc free, but this is one of those times I can't.

#15 11-06-2014 
I think this looks much better.
[Image: snapshot_00000009_60a4875e_zpsf478dfa4.jpg]
Custom modular stair with the stair wall fix in off white and some red Maxis paint. best part-no whopping block.

#16 11-06-2014 
That does look good!


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