New to Leefish, Long Time Simmer!
#11 12-06-2014 
[Image: mouse7.gif] and welcome. Big Grin

#12 12-06-2014 
Hi, welcome to leefish

#13 12-06-2014 
Welcome to Leefish! Everyone here is great, and I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay!

*passes out cookies*

#14 12-06-2014 
* levini takes two, noms one down and buries the other.

Thanks for the cookies! Big Grin

#15 12-06-2014 
*noms cookies!*

I haven't released a lot of mods (one DR alien skin on MtS, the linked DR male hair, and 2 minor adjustments to mesh references that have probably been eaten by GoS crashes/losses over the years), but I do love downloading them! I... should do some of the DR projects I have in my giant projects folder and release them, heh. Like the female match to the male hair I did. And screenshot the second alien replacement I actually intend to release and post it up. Tongue

#16 12-06-2014 
Hi and welcome to Leefish Big Grin

#17 12-06-2014 
Yes! We are a great group of encouragers here too!

#18 12-06-2014 
Welcome to Leefish! Celebrate Nice to meet a fellow TSM player, although I'm mostly using it to get things to convert to TS2 these days. Wink

Me, I have periods when I barely play at all, only mod - but I also have periods when I only play and barely mod. Those are more rare, though. Smile

#19 12-06-2014 
I dont play much either, think I download more than anything Rofl

#20 12-06-2014 
Hi Tamha! Welcome to Leefish Smile


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