New to Leefish, Long Time Simmer!
#1 11-06-2014 
Hello! I'm Tamha (also Phoenixdaisy for anyone who's seen my latest DR for TS2). I am a player of Sims 2, 3 and Medieval, as well as Bioware and Bethesda games. I like stories, downloading and using mods, and occasionally making my own. I'm terrible at remembering to take screenshots and am self-conscious about my own writing. To be completely honest, I probably spend more time altering my games than I do playing them.

I've mostly haunted BO's mod downloads before last night, and after reading a few actual threads decided to go ahead and sign up. Anyone that knows me from other places in the community probably knows that I'm more of a lurker than an active poster most of the time, and I'm prone to disappear for long periods of time. Even so, I'm happy to have joined you all and I look forward to further exploring the Leefish community. Big Grin

#2 11-06-2014 
Welcome to Leefish, Tamha, good to meet you in Chat today. We are a happy pond of fish Big Grin

#3 11-06-2014 
* levini floats by and welcomes Tamha

Welcome to Leefish. I hope you have a lot of fun here!

#4 11-06-2014 
Hi Tamha, welcome to my second home. Smile

Good to see you here. I *have* seen you around in other places, such as Simbology and probably also the Asylum Smile

#5 11-06-2014 
Welcome to the pond wave (watch out for the warm spots!)
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#6 11-06-2014 
That's right, I mostly ended up here from your Asylum links before, BO. Thanks for the warm welcomes, everyone!

#7 12-06-2014 
Hey TamhaSmile

#8 12-06-2014 
Velcome. vamp

#9 12-06-2014 
[Image: welcome.gif]
Welcome Tamha - nice to see you.

I reckon modifying your game more than playing it is something that a lot of us do. Big Grin

#10 12-06-2014 
I concur. We play for joy, but we modify to satisfy a creative need, to personalize our own game experience, and to increase the joy that we get from playing. And there is a certain sense of pride in knowing that dozens, or maybe hundreds or thousands, of players enjoy using your mods. You leave an impression on other people's games!


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