Missing Buyable Mailbox
#1 19-06-2014 
So tonight I changed a community lot into a residential lot and forgot to place the mail box and bin before moving a sim in. I went back to hood view, moved him out and went back in again to place them-but all I can find is the bin, the SEDD mail box-Al version has gone. I exited the game and deleted the cache files and re downloaded the mail box, but it still wont show. I loaded up another lot that I know I changed from a com to a res lot and their mail box is there, but I can't use the dropper tool on it.

Where exactly is the mail box? I doubt I am just missing it as I've used it numerous times and it's normally somewhere near the bin. I thought if I had somehow borked it, clearing the cache and downloading it again should have fixed it. I am at a loss.
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#2 19-06-2014 
Isn't it somewhere under "Outside" in the buy catalog? Maybe going back to where you downloaded it from and reading the description there, could give you a clue as to where you should find it?

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#3 19-06-2014 
The buyable mail box I have in my game it's in Misc. -> Misc., but I'm not sure if it's the same one as yours.

Do you have SimPE installed? 'Cause when all else fails and I can't find something in game no matter how hard I look (but know the package file name), I open the package in SimPE and look at the Object Data. There you have a tab called Catalog Placement, that tells you... well, the catalogue placement. Smile

#4 19-06-2014 
I second Nix - that's what I do too. Good luck Big Grin
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#5 19-06-2014 
Yeah, it's clear that I haven't played for far too long. Otherwise I would have thought of that too. If you *do* have SimPE and know how to operate it, please do as Nix suggests. :-)

#6 19-06-2014 
I did open it in simPE and looked at catalog placement, I even ticked an extra box 'outside'. It simply isn't showing up. All I can think of now is something is over writing it. Isn't there something in simPE I can run to show up Guide conflicts? Does anyone know how to do that?

#7 19-06-2014 
You can use SimPE to check for guid conflicts. More info in this tute Smile

#8 20-06-2014 
Thanks Klaattje. Smile I've taken out a couple of Russian looking files showing up red from scanning the GUIDS. It was only a couple of days ago I think the mail box vanished, so I'm hoping one of those are the culprits.

Well it wasn't one of those two files, so I pulled the cc folder of the new, I think Russian lot and it's definitely in that folder.
Now to decide if I should work through it or just dump it. It has some nice plants and windows and deco pieces.
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#9 20-06-2014 
Glad you got it figured out Big Grin


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