Hallo, I'm LeeFish
#1 12-08-2010 
Hi there, I am leefish aka leesester. I dont really play sims anymore - I just mod stuff Smile

I build houses and things like that for my own hood, and I got fed up of all the windows not matching. So I made a couple of my own, put them on MTS and yadda yadda - a player was lost, a modder was born.

I made leefish so I could play about with making a website - HTML and CSS and PHP and stuff like that.

I got TS3 but my poor PC can't handle it, so I saved up and new PC is due any day now. I'm excited about it Smile

I won't abandon TS2 though, so no worries.

#2 08-06-2011 
*huggles Lee* Hi! Big Grin


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